4 Tips for SME Marketing

4 Tips for SME Marketing

Stuck at home, people dwelled on setting up a business to earn while most companies they are working for are closed because of COVID-19. Most of these businesses are small to medium, with limited community, and digital marketing can help them grow like magic.

Here are four (4) SME Marketing tips that will yield favorable results.

1. “Content is King” – Bill Gates 1996

Consider creating contents that do not talk about your products or service all the time but also quality contents that are valuable to your target audience. To ensure more traffic, add elements like:

– Keywords that optimizes search engine
– Topics that attract click-through rates
– Optimized blogs that rank in Google SERPs

2. Must-Have Social Media Presence

The first impression lasts, and most customers turn to their favorite social media channels before purchasing. They look for good reviews, engagements, and informative contents.

3. Build Effective Email and Newsletter Campaigns

Email marketing is an effective tool that most businesses often overlook. In fact, a study by DMA in 2019 showed that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average ROI of $42.

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