6 Attention Hacking Tips for Social Media

About 3.8 billion of the population is actively using social media for an average of two hours and 24 minutes per day. Given these statistics, it is apparent why social media is an effective business marketing platform. Not to mention that it is free and can reach specific audiences, social media platforms also allow businesses to connect to the target audience and nurture them into customers. No wonder why small and big companies are venturing into social media marketing.

Now that social media is crowded with established and start-up brands, how can you slay the competition? We’ve listed down six (6) attention hacking tips to give your social media marketing strategy a kick.

1. Create strong headlines

Your headline is your first impression to readers, and a strong one can drive more clicks. By strong, we mean irresistible, intriguing, at the same time, crisp and clear. Avoid ambiguity in making headlines and do not use clickbait titles – it will lose your customer’s trust.

2. Apply retargeting

Retargeting keeps your brand and product in front of the people even after they have clicked away. It happens because the cookie you allowed to collect data from you to keep browsing on a specific site. According to this study, 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads, making it an effective way to drive brand awareness and increase conversions.

3. Make use of FOMO

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) fuels addiction to social media; people do not want to miss events, news, and trends. Posts that are new and intriguing will surely catch people’s attention. 

4. Tease your audience with limited information

Humans are inherently curious. Limited information will pique people’s interest, and the only way to fill their curiosity gap is to click on your social media post that will redirect them on your website.

5. Give, give, give, and ask

Have you ever felt compelled to return a good deed? That is the principle of reciprocity in action, and the same applies to businesses. Make your audience feel special by giving discounts or freebies. Give and then ask them for a favor or simply wait for what they will give back in return.

6. Engage

Hang out with your social media followers – ask their opinions, reply to comments, answer queries, and acknowledge criticisms. People want to feel that they belong, and this way of engaging with them will make them feel connected and important.

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