Friday, September 17, 2021

“A great product is like p***graphy” – Guy Kawasaki

A great product takes it all, but how can we identify great products? It’s a little bit like p***graphy, you know it when you see it – Guy Kawasaki said.

In today’s competitive environment, everyone aims to ace their product’s marketing aiming to be on top of competitors and customers. They didn’t know that, it is their product alone, that should be their key advantage in achieving success more than anything.

Leaders of the industry may have their own sets of checklists to tick off when identifying great products. Deep knowledge of the product’s value for the customers, brand foundation, distribution, and target sales could help us get a good “feel” to know if it is worth our attention.

How do you define great products in your organization or personal views?

P.S. our full support for Guy Kawasaki and you should too.

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