Are You Prepared for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing?

We should be thinking ahead, and our marketing strategies should do the same. When the pandemic is no longer a risk, we wouldn’t want to be in shock the way we were when it started.

Are You Prepared for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing?

As restrictions are being slowly lifted, get ready to get back to in-person events. Millions are getting vaccinated which gives the public more confidence to step out again. Establishments are welcoming back more and more walk-in customers. 

But we’re going to have to reintroduce outdoor advertising and on-site events to the public as safety is still a priority. 

Plan out for live events and outdoor advertising bit by bit. This is one way to test the waters and find out how willing customers are to attend public events. If yes, what are the numbers? 

Eventbrite is a useful event management and ticketing website we can use in executing in-person events.

Are You Prepared for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing?

Live and standard videos are fundamental digital marketing strategies during the pandemic and the demand will only go up as the public gets more used to being online. 

Marketers strongly believe it will remain a strong channel, even after the pandemic. 

Video content helps our brands connect with the customers whether at home or out-of-home. It makes it easier to create more engaging content, send the right messages, and connect with our audience.

Are You Prepared for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing?

The social media trend isn’t going away. In fact, social media users are projected to reach 4.41 billion by 2025, according to Statista. This is the best time to increase online presence.

Keep investing in your social media content and strengthen your existing channels. Moreover, think not only of where your customers are, but where they will be.

On top of Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, explore platforms that have the potential to be popular in the future, such as the up-and-comer, audio-based social media app, Clubhouse.

We have to secure our places in our customer’s minds and hearts, both existing and local customers. 

Retaining existing customers is equally important as finding new ones. 

Marketing strategies should help our customers relate to us especially in the idea of moving forward with them amidst the difficulties brought by the pandemic. We should bring human emotions to the forefront.  

To make this possible, designing customer-centric campaigns, being present in our customer’s daily lives, and having a more empathetic brand messaging can be effective. There’s marketing to it, but at the same time, has that authentic, personal touch. 

Results will be rewarding in the long run.

Marketing has adapted to ways the pandemic has changed the consumers. But the post-pandemic could be on a different spectrum. Are we ready?

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