Article “Lemonade: the Mobile-Based, AI-Fueled Insurance Industry Disruptor” also published in China

Thanks to the Beijing Insurance Research Institute and it’s Executive Vice President Shu Feng  in particular – my article on the insurtech start-up Lemonade was translated and published on several Chinese websites. 

For example on:

Now the article is available on in English and on the in German. A big thanks to all who provided valuable feedback and promoted this article.

Since the publication of the article almost five months have passed. Since then lemonade has rolled out its product to more states in the US. It has demonstrated how it truly killed the combined ratio by actually donating it to charities. But most importantly it showed in one of the most competetive markets in the world: New York City that it can be successful in sales. Lemonade has become the most successful insurer in New York City in new renters insurances among newcomers to insurances with a breathtaking 27,6%. Congrats to Daniel Schreiber and his team!

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