Monday, June 1, 2020

“Evolve or Die” Speaking in Dubai at the GR Innovation & Insurtech

I am honored to speak in Dubai at the GR Innovation & Insurtech on October 2nd. I am happy to be part of a awesome line up for example Michele Grosso, Francoise Lamotte, Nameer Khan, Salmaan Jafferey, Dave Harris, Michael Natusch and Nektarios Liolios.

At the GR Innovation & Insurtech there will be talks on innovation in the regaion. We will hear about digital trends and not quite known disrutpors in the field. Artificial intelligence will be also a topic. I am very much looking forward to the views of incumbents and investors talking about what they are looking for this year and the years to come. 

My Keynote “Evolve or Die” will speak about the elephant in the room. Considering the state of a lot of incumbent companies it’s time to ask the question, which companies out of which reason will not make it.

I am also happy to moderate a panel: “Insurtech is here: What is the impact for you”. I am honored to host experts such as Nameer Khan (Independant Expert), Dave Harris (Director – Distribution UAE & Bahrain, RSA) and Michael Natusch (Global head of AI, group digital Prudential plc.).

Prakash is a tech freak, passionate about every new gadget and technology that comes his way. Always searching, always curios, he managed to gather an astounding experience that is very useful in his journalistic career.

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