Gary Vaynerchuk Insights: Building Relationships and Brands for Insurance

The year 2020 was Tough but we never Stopped.

None would disagree that we had a tough year for the history book to keep but it also forged our strengths as an industry. 

Out of our passion and dedications to support the insurance and finance industry, we were recognized as one of the top insurance and finance online shows in 2020 supported by high calibre guests and decision-makers like Daniel Schreiber – CEO of Lemonade, Dr. Frank Grund, Chief Executive Director of BaFin, Julian Teicke, CEO of Wefox, Carsten Maschmeyer Superstar Investor, Dr. Stefan Knoll the CEO of DFV and more friends from beyond industries.

We started the new year 2021 with the legend Gary Vaynerchuk.

To kickstart the new year with a bang, we had the CEO of VaynerMedia, investor legend, best selling author, future owner of Jets and our hero Gary Vaynerchuk last Monday, January 11th, as our Guest for our 1st Insurance and Finance LIVE for 2021.

Last 2019, Dr. Robin Kiera went to the beautiful city of London and discussed about “Insurance and Innovations”.

To start light and knowing Dr. Robin Kiera as a die-hard fan, He tried his best to sell Hamburg Sports Club to Gary again for the 2nd time – but Gary politely replied: “much more in between maybe and no deal in a most polite way because I adore you”.

2 big things for Gary in buying Insurance?

We thought legends are perfect but he humbly said that he is like the rest of the average people – not well educated about insurance and finance. 

There’s a bit of a bite in our hearts when this came from him about our beloved industry. But, this is a no BS fact, that even one of the smartest and wealthiest men we know would fail or not interested in understanding insurance.

On a positive note – we take this as a challenge to push harder coz we believe “Insurance is still Sexy“.

He bought insurance based on historical relationships.

All of his encounters with insurance are based on relationships. Insurance from his Father’s bought for their wine company. When he hired CFOs for his own business and suggested insurance companies also based on their personal connections.

He will buy insurance with brands on social platforms like LinkedIn.

“Digital relationships are the gateway to actual relationships” – Gary Vaynerchuk

In 2009 he predicted that LinkedIn will be the best social platform for more serious B2B behaviours and he was right as we’re enjoying it now. He even mentioned that he considered someone for his “Will” based on what they’re posting on LinkedIn.

Insurance and Finance should spend meaningful time to identify trends, innovations, opportunities – and act on it.

Most of us commonly follow publications, newsletters for emerging techs but he added that we should be more in-depth and do not take for granted checking the most downloaded apps in the apps stores or check comments in social media to see what is trending. 

As Dr. Robin Kiera said – spend half an hour to 1 hour every day, these small chores will give us a closer look at the interests, trends and opportunities we might be missing. 

Regulation equals opportunities. Don’t be halted by legal issues as an excuse for execution. Everything boils down to the fact that this is a free world. We as human being do have the liberty to provide value to our customers using the internet, convert them into leads then into sales.

Consulting for Insurance – it can be scary.

“Wine is very good for $40 when the wine is very good for $40 – but a bad idea when the wine is not good for $40” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Companies can have free and advanced strategies, resources are everywhere BUT spending “12 to 18 weeks” within the company for tailored-fit strategies and actions – it will provide a huge amount of targeted improvements.

Consulting can be scary if you don’t know what you need and spend money on it. As an entrepreneur who needs consulting for business improvements, you can follow these simple tips. 

1. Pre-evaluate your business to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

2. Know your needs, bottlenecks and pain points for improvements. The more specific you are the better the consultant can understand your requirements.

3. Set realistic and timed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with your consultant according to your budget, capacity, workforce.

4. Execute, Execute, Execute – we can’t stress this enough to avoid overthinking resulting in chokepoints.

5. Post-evaluation not just about investments and ROIs but more for constant business growth.

“Brands always outpaces the sales” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Strategic brand building will produce sales and not the other way around. One of the very interesting use cases he shared was his animated character Lil Vee – he said: “Mickey Mouse never put out a contract dispute with Disney”. 

You create your own branded character and let them work for you with no questions asked. To put into a softer perspective, you create your digital persona then build the brand on it, let the character work for you for as long as needed with no IP dispute on you.

What does Gary think about TikTok for Insurance and Finance?

“Watching you succeed is a very big deal for me” – Gary Vaynerchuk’s feedback on Dr. Robin’s TikTok. We were all humbled and happy as a use case by someone who is already a global icon in social media and marketing. 

With all these limiting factors and beliefs like “TikTok is just for young people”, “not famous yet” and the notorious “TikTok is a waste of time” he said,

“Robin was already on the 301 class and not with the basic 101. With the 100,000 young audiences, this can be your future customers and buyers”. We sincerely understand the holdback of investing time, funds, efforts on new things – we all are. Just a friendly reminder that most of us will agree that we had these considerations when we took a leap of faith in a successful business. 

After tireless creating daily videos, we now have more than 100.000 followers and 2.7 million likes on TikTok. Our followers called Dr. Robin Kiera as “CEO of Diggi” and created the community called #teamdiggi. We decided to test the brand CEO of Diggi with an online store and now we’re appreciating the sales. All of these in just 6 months and we’re projecting to at least increase to 200% based on our current capacity. Most importantly, our VIP Clients are now enjoying not our marketing strategies applied in those 6 months, but the tailored-fit strategies based on their target markets and branding.

How Gary is as a Parent?

He never intends or asks his kids to be like him. The hard truths about some parents these days “seeing their children as a reflection of themselves” and worst, use their children as a status symbol to others. Know and support their happiness – they’ll figure things out on their own.

Fast Questions:

Hamburg Sports Club will win again if?

Gary: “If Robin buys the team” 🙂

1st viral insurance video in TikTok will be?

Gary: Robin’s 🙂

Insurance I love would exist if?

Gary: If it was so simple that I could understand it in 30 seconds.

Robin should admit his new book is written by a ghostwriter because? 

Gary: “I did as well and it doesn’t have any negative impact.”

The next person on this show should be?

Gary: um someone that talks about audio podcasting clubhouse audio are the next wave

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