Gary Vee Insights: Mistakes in Parenting and Business

Beware! Avoid these businesses and parenting mistakes ASAP.

After our superstar episode for insurance & finance with Gary Vaynerchuk, I immediately called my wife about these parenting mistakes that I might not aware of.

Forcing our children as our reflections.
We’re worried about what others think forcing our children to be great for us to look good to our friends, colleagues or even parents.

Expecting our children to work harder than what we did.
Most of us had hard times we endured along the way. We totally respect that, but we can avoid expecting our children to act and behave to same as we did – also bragging to them that we’re good at it.

It’s not spoiling but understanding.
Our children are living at different times. I personally take the comfort of the thought that my child is now enjoying the fruits of what I struggled for before.

I go with Gary Vee that he doesn’t want his kids to be as an epic entrepreneur like he is now but to be good human beings.

Same to business, I think we should listen rather than demanding more. Be open to more insights and listen to our customers for innovative strategies – I think these would benefit us with more sales as we want.

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