Grant Cardone on How to Hustle and Sell Better

Grant Cardone got us all thinking about how we can be more productive in our time when he took over the Insurance and Finance Live show. A superstar in sales and real estate, we did not want to wait longer to hear his expert and realistic advice. Immediately we asked him the most important questions to answer we very much needed to hear.

Grant’s Advice on How to Sell Better

“How to sell better,” we asked. Known and loved for being a straight forward guy, his answer didn’t come as a surprise. A direct to the point sales process is a breath of fresh air for most consumers. It gives the impression that the salesperson is confident and knowledgeable about the product they are selling. Besides, consumers are already tired of sales gimmicks that say a lot but do nothing. 

The simple and transparent way of selling is what makes the sales cycle of Grant’s Team shorter. They can sell expensive products in less than six weeks that would typically take other companies six to nine months. 

“No one works too hard. People are not just productive.” – Grant Cardone

It is a harsh reality that some people are criticized for working too hard. As Grant said, it is ridiculous to slow down after working hard because we are not just used to being productive all this time. We should turn hard work as a signal and foundation to do and achieve more. 

Now that you figured something out for yourself, it is time to help others lift themselves as you did it. Apply it also in everything that you do. Take Grant’s example in their company – every successful sale is followed by another call. After all, sales is a contact sport that needs touching with as many people as possible

I couldn’t agree more with Grant when he said that it doesn’t feel like hard work anymore when you are successful. 

On Real Estate and Wealth

Without a beat, Grant said to quit saving money and buy assets that would produce more money. What are we going to do with money sleeping on a bank and a house that would rob us out of money for taxes, maintenance, and a whole lot more? These are just BS that banks made us believe. Get rid of cash and own assets that will pay your rent. 

What’s a good income-generating asset, you may ask? Real estate. As Grant said, they will continue to exist for a long time even after some businesses have long failed.

Undercover Billionaire

Grant Cardone is one the star of the Undercover Billionaire on Season 2, a reality TV show by Discovery Channel where billionaires and business tycoons are challenged to turn $100 to thriving $1M business in 90 days from scratch – with a new name, no fancy possession, in an unfamiliar place.

Learn about different business strategies from marketing, sales, operations and most importantly, inspirations on believing and executing on your dreams.

For this season, he even challenged the producers that he’s willing to give the $1M profit but he will keep the excess. Let’s watch and learn how he will emerge from the various business difficulties. Check out Discovery Channel for details.

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