Sunday, October 17, 2021

Guy Kawasaki: What He Learned Working with Steve Jobs

We really can’t doubt the fact that Steve Jobs was one of the great minds of our tech history with his achievements in Apple. But what is more significant are the learnings behind these success realized by privileged people who worked with him. One of those personalities is a “guy” we are now looking forward to – Mr. Guy Kawasaki.

In the clip that you need to watch, he shared his 3 lessons learned when he was working with the great Steve Jobs. We would never miss to internalize them – so sharing our thoughts.

Never expect your customers to tell directly how you can innovate and revolutionize your products and services. They can only tell you “cheaper, faster” on what they already having. This also corresponded with what we learned from Gary Vaynerchuk that you need to find time to learn trends, innovations from different connections and platforms.

A-Players hire A+ Players can be intimidating to take but this would drop on the core mission and values of the top leadership. We should be aiming for the mutual growth of our customers and our business by exploring potentials outside the box. The same effort should also be given in building the values that all success would come from team combined efforts.

Most often times simplicity or minimalist designs with a more direct approach will make the difference. We can suggest this to insurance and finance products/services. Sometimes we give more focus on extra features but in fact, we’re just making noise and really never provide the value that the customers need.

What are your personal views on these insights from Guy Kawasaki? How do you think you can apply this to your own perspectives?

More interview clips and lessons learned from our session with Guy Kawasaki. Watch out for our Insurance and Finance LIVE Superstar Series cause we definitely have more to come.

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