Hashtags for Your Quick Social Media Post

Hashtags can be a game-changer to our social media engagement. We use hashtags all the time but there are tips and tricks to make them work for us.

Knowing the right ones to use can increase our stats, boost our engagement, broaden our audience reach, gain new followers, and build brand awareness.

We have four powerful hashtag tips for our quick social media post.

What’s trending now? Trending hashtags increase our post’s visibility.

By using trending hashtags, our message could come across a wider audience, who are following those hashtags, whether they follow us or not.

Use hashtag generator sites to find trending hashtags that are simple yet relevant to our posts like  and

When it comes to hashtags, more is not merrier. Limit the number of hashtags we use. Having more hashtags isn’t a guarantee of more engagement. It actually looks spammy.

The more hashtags we use, the less relevant we become for our viewers.

The number of hashtags would depend on the content of our post and the message we’re trying to convey. But here’s the ideal hashtag limit in 2021:

            Instagram      –   5-10

            LinkedIn         –   5-7

            Twitter            –   2-4

            Facebook        –   2-5

            TikTok            –   4-5

In addition, don’t string too many words. Keep them short, easy to read, and easy to remember. Moreover, consider the character limits of each platform. For example, the character limit for Instagram is 2,200, 280 on Twitter, and 100 on TikTok.

Hashtags aren’t generic for all platforms. One size doesn’t fit all. Each platform is different from another thus your hashtags require different strategies. Make them social platform-specific.

LinkedIn, as a professional platform, could use fine-tuned hashtags for better results. Twitter, with its shorter character limit, should use hashtags targeting the specific market worth engaging. The majority of TikTok users are either Millennials or Gen Z, and your hashtags shouldn’t be too serious and technical.

Take advantage of the types of hashtags we can use. Incorporate a mix of content, branded, and trending hashtags.

Content Hashtags       contextualizes the message; should be relevant both to us and the industry

Branded Hashtags   –   brand-specific hashtags used for promotions, events, company updates, or media partnerships

Trending Hashtags  – popular hashtags people are using or following that can make our brand’s visibility skyrocket

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your quick social media post.

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