How CEOs Should View and Approve Social Media Strategies

Let’s face it. Social media has become a necessity for businesses and this includes CEOs and decision-makers. It’s no longer an option.

Funny, because 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs still aren’t on social media and 32% have at least a single social media account. On a lighter note, younger CEOs are more to social media adoption.

How should CEOs view social media strategies? How can leaders support social media efforts?

1. Crystal Clear Goals

Be specific with your target market like demographics, geographic, interest and what value you will give to them. Map before your measure. Yes, it’s cliché to say “fail to plan and you’re doomed to fail”. But in our space, this truth remains the same.

However, social media planning requires crystal clear goals and not being all over the place, hoping to get a lucky shot.

Consider these three goals:

Consider these three goals:

☑️ Big Picture Goals

☑️ Program-Specific Goals

☑️ Activity-Based Goals

2. Realistic KPIs

How’s the business’ social media strategy doing? Data speaks for itself.

Set SMART and realistic social media goals to help the team focus on what really matters. We don’t want to be all over the place, don’t we?

Specific. What exactly are the targets? Which channels are losing followers? By how many percent should conversion rates increase by the end of the month? Break down the KPIs.

Measurable.  Progress should be measurable and quantifiable. How close are we to reaching the set goals?

Attainable. Be realistic in setting KPIs that are based on current resources, and the team’s capability and availability. Don’t expect more if we’re putting in less.

Relevant.  At the end of the day, social media strategies should mirror the business objectives and connect to the larger goals.

Timely. One week? One month? One year. There should always be a timeframe. When the time lapses, have we met our goals?

Track, analyze, and compare social media performance to ensure that strategies will help us meet our KPIs.   

3. Feasible Steps

CEOs should take the lead in creating feasible steps to achieve the already set goals and KPIs. We know what we want. Now, what should we do?

☑️ Plan Content – What are the tasks? What are the channels?

☑️ Delegate the Tasks – Who will be the person in charge for each?

☑️ Set the timeline – When are the target date and when it was accomplished?

☑️ Monitor Progress Closely – What are the current statuses of the tasks?

4. Plan Content, Provide Updates.

CEOs should demonstrate thought leadership and include themselves from planning to feedback. The team serves as the backbone, but the CEO remains as the head.

The CEO has expertise, experience, and influence to offer valuable content and decide on the business’ next social media move. How do we create the right buzz? Which content is relevant? Who should we partner with next?

“Establishing yourself as a thought leader, who people want to follow, begins with sharing quality, value-added content. With your social and content teams, craft, plan and share this type of content regularly through your social channels.” – Hootsuite

5. Be Flexible

Even as the plans are laid out, strategies are fully implemented, and the contents are ready to be sent out across social media channel, there could still be changed necessary.

The market is changing and there is something new every day. Be aware of the updates. Be flexible enough to make adjustments if needed to make sure content are timely and industry-specific, and strategies are not outdated.

Need help with your social media strategy. We got you.

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