Monday, December 6, 2021

How to Use TikTok in Business

TikTok is exploding – like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram years ago. We hear similar prejudices from similar people never having created a single viral video.

We started 10 weeks ago. 1 Million views and 50.000 likes later. We share our first experiences. 

We tried searching for #insurance, finance and insurtech companies taking advantage of the free organic reach but found only a few. Aside from being having fun personally – we’re slowly building our brands in this promising platform.

We found that not only Millenials, Gen Y and GenZ can be found there, but also other demographics. As always, it is better to touch the customers in the most in-demand way rather than those marketing channels that worked yesterday. 

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Prakash is a tech freak, passionate about every new gadget and technology that comes his way. Always searching, always curios, he managed to gather an astounding experience that is very useful in his journalistic career.

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