How to Win an Insurance Customer | Panel @ Insurtech Insights Hong Kong

How to Win an Insurance Customer | Panel @ Insurtech Insights Hong Kong

How to win an insurance customer? Winning the customer’s heart, mind, home screen and also parts of his budget is not easy.

I had an interesting discussion with Neil Gardner of Chief Customer Officer Asia of Generalli and Arthur Lee CEO of One Degree HK not only about the customer trends and how insurance, agents and brokers are reacting to serve them.

Neil Gardner underlined that the 2019 customers are incredibly demanding increased by other industries who use the internet and social media increasing pressure for the insurance industry who as per him “Mediocre” in terms of customer service.

Surprisingly customer demands and expectations are not that critical in Hong Kong according to Arthur Lee . Over the past years, people in Hong Kong were more driven using Taobao an e-commerce platform which also owned by Alibaba but this doesn’t affect the old process, or “manual” according to him in terms of buying insurance.

Customer expectations are continuously broadening due to big tech companies initiatives like Amazon and Apple with just a few clicks on products and services.

It is obvious for so many that digital transformations and disruptions are inevitable again driven by customer expectations and pressured by these tech giants.

What can we get from this discussion about marketing insurance to the customers?

✔️ Both shared tools, agents, and brokers could use to adjust to changing consumer demands.

✔️ How the insurance industry can innovate different sales channels that would attract not only the new generations of buyers but also not to intimidate the old ones.

✔️ How to approach the different cultures of customer especially in Asia.

As for me as a regular consumer? I strongly believe in the future trends seen by most marketers – relevancy and comfort.

Please share your insights, how would you approach insurance customers nowadays? What tools to be considered for young markets? And how will you not scare the traditional ones?

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