Innovations Interview with Erika Krizsan of MOI

We are happy to share an interview with Erika Krizsan – not just the organizer but the heart and mind of the Magic of Innovation Conference #MOI series in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Erika underlined in her interview with us that, innovations in the insurance industry are a very important fact for the possibility to learn and connect from each other.

She highlighted also in her presentation the importance of exponentiate thinking: “Since we don’t know the future we can try or fail.” We heard a lot of new technology as trends, everybody should understand the possibilities and learn from each other.

We also asked: What is the secrete of the MOI conference since being known as full of love, detailed, and nurturing – a family atmosphere that made the people even dance (in an insurance conference by the way)?

Erika underlined: “after 1 year of work, from thinking about the current status and taking the insurance industry to the next level, MOI is more than an insurance conference, this is a show. The learning approach was created with creativity like games and flash mob dance for a famous German song – so the insurance managers were not only sitting and seeing presentations but also enjoying the days of the conference.”

What to expect for Magic of Innovation 2019? 

For 2019, MOI will offer exciting programs, mentoring, one on one talk and next to this year’s dancing – next year it will be dating.

It is Erika’s main goal for that the participants go home and have the feeling that they learned a lot, got good connections and an open mindset that digitalization is a great opportunity for the insurance business.

Digitalscouting was honored to be a media partner of MOI2018 and that Dr. Robin Kiera holds a panel.

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