Insurance Agents and Brokers – Are they Dead already?

Insurance Agents and Brokers – are they going to be dead soon? We asked movers and shakers of the German insurance industry.

This topic is creating a lot of spike in the industry since it touches it’s core. Some are saying that insurance innovation is narrowing the opportunities for Agents and Brokers but others are saying “you cannot replace the personal and emotional touch of humans when it comes to insurance”

Can modern marketing strategies like social media, internet, chatbots, ai, and many others replace the traditional ways of selling insurance?

Or is this just a one-time tech hype that will soon pass and the industry will get back to its primary methods?

How brokers and agents should react to preserve their existence to prevent dinosaur-like extinction?

In our pop up boot on this year’s DKM event, I invited the movers and shakers of the German insurance industry to share their thoughts about the future holds for traditional agents and brokers.

The insurance magazine “Versicherungsbote” was so kind to publish the video too – click here to view.

Thanks to: Kai Matthias Stephan Oliver Pradetto Stephen Alexander Felix Stefan Konrad Thomas Lars Stefan Dr. Jürgen Bastian Carlos

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