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Insurance AI and Connected Claims Conferences in London – Discount for you.

Grab your ticket discount codes for the 5th Annual Insurance AI and Analytics Europe and 3rd Annual Connected Claims Europe shared by Insurance Nexus.

Digitalscouting is a media partner for these 2 upcoming events and Insurance Nexus was kind enough to share discount codes especially for friends of Digitalscouting.

5th Annual Insurance AI and Analytics Europe will happen from October 9 to 10, 2018 at Hilton Tower Bridge, London, UK. Expected to be participated by +350 attendees and +35 speakers that will spread awareness about AI and Analytics developing the Insurance industry. Learn how AI can be applied in your insurance business and study analytics on how you can scale up your business to meet the volume and customer demands.

£200 OFF Discount Code: 4952DS200

Link to where apply the code:

3rd Annual Connected Claims Europe was set to happen from October 29 to 30, 2018 at Park Plaza Victoria, London, UK. Take advantage of this 2 days of Focussed and Interactive sessions that will bring you knowledge on how to satisfy the digitally oriented customers, claims automation, current updates, internal methods that will promote modern insurer and serve modern customers.

£200 OFF Discount Code: 4949DS200

Link to where apply the code: 

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