Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again

Insurance and Finance Community – We will Meet Again

The corona virus forced us to our uncertainties and tough times.
Declining economies, stirred governments, community quarantine, and closed businesses.

Digitalscouting has grown due to a kind, generous and helpful community. It is our time to give back.

Over the last few weeks, we were touched by the spirit and the support of the insurance, finance, and other communities.

So we decided to capture this special spirit and underline what we are strongly believe in.

With grateful support from our superstar friends like,

Jim Marous, Robin Robertson, Nikolaus Sühr, Amber Wuollet, Alexandre Rispal, Ebru Cetin, Ryan Mathisen, Tony Canyas, Paolo Sironi, Patrick Kelahan, Roger Peverelli, Tunde Salako, Gilad Shai, Nigel Walsh, Désirée Mettraux, Karl Heinz Passler, Joel Bassani, Hugues Bertin, Caribou Honig, Charlotte Halkett, Julian Teicke, Brett King, Christian Wiens, Ted Taveras, Arleen T. Taveras, Jenny Weidner, Naby Mariyam, Olivier Jaillon, David Brear, Sabine VanderLinden, Rob Galbraith, Marguerite Murer.

We have a special message,

“Stay strong, stick together, and soon,


Beginnen Sie Ihr erstes Gespräch mit mir