Insurance: “Design is not a Democracy” – Why design is a CEO topic – Désirée Mettraux

Congratulations for winning the Red Dot Design Award for their radical redesign. I just talked with Désirée Mettraux about why Design is a CEO duty.

When you take over a traditional insurance company as CEO and you need to fundamentally transform it, there are a lot of things to spend your time on.

Design rarely appears as one. At the classical car insurer OCC in Lübeck, Germany, it was the case.

The CEO Désirée Mettraux underlines the importance of Design as an element of a substantial transformation, for employees, employer branding and a new way of thinking.

She also shares why design is not a democracy.

In case you missed the previous interview – watch “Classical Car Insurance – 3 takeaways” – Désirée Mettraux 

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