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The Deutsche Familienversicherung, a midsize German insurer, invited Digitalscouting to their insurtech showcase. The did not show a new green field division or nice-to-have-feature, but a fully digitalized insurance core with realtime and neartime processes and services for the customer. At the event you could find a wide range of industry experts, journalists and influencers. The Deutsche Familienversicherung surely did their homework – concerning the event and their digital transformation. A lot were quite impressed by the depths of the modernization of the IT and the willingness of the insurer to become an insur-TECH company.  

Dr. Stefan Knoll, CEO and Founder, made also the bold statement that he aims at doubling his customer base from 500.000 to 1 million by 2019.  Considering the fact that Dr. Knoll and his team completely reconstructed the core of their organization and technology, being the first with considerable voice skills, artificial intelligence and customer oriented products and services, this statement did not so audacious as it actually is.

Laura and I really enjoyed our time at the company and saw and felt personally that they seem serious with using the digital era as an opportunity for growths. We will follow this story.

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