Israel Insurtechs are coming to ITC 2019! These what they are looking for.

It is no secret anymore that Kobi Bendelak, CEO of Insurtech Israelis bagging a large number of interesting insurtech startups from Israel to attend this year’s 4th Annual InsureTech Connect Conference happening in Las, Vegas on September 23 to 25, 2019.

Digitalscouting is a proud partner of this year’s Insuretech Connect and we’re excited to see everyone in the city of Las Vegas.

We took the opportunity to ask Kobi: Who are these startups? Why you should be interested in them? What are their plans? Yes I know, we’re super excited also.

You organize a delegation of insurer and over 15 startups from Israel to the Insuretech Connect – why and who should approach them at the conference in Las Vegas?

We have selected an excellent start-ups technologies and entrepreneurs from different and varied insurance segments.

Which of the start-ups of your delegation should we have a closer look over at?

The ecosystem in Israel is not only made up of these technologies, but also by shooting ideas of how to find solutions to existing problems.

Each of these startups is carefully selected after proven technological capability and experienced entrepreneurs.

What are the startups you are bringing expecting from ITC 2019?

“We are very excited to have been chosen to be a part of the Israeli delegation to ITC and look forward to meeting potential partners and investors” – Hillary Orly Harel, CEO –Serenus.AI

Is the first clinically objective says Hillary Orly Harel, SerenusAI CEO, we  AI-based, automated case-by-case review system to improve the utilization and prior authorization processes before medical procedures. The platform reduces both medical and administrative costs, boosts satisfaction across the board, and advances care quality and effectiveness. 

“We are thrilled to have been selected to present at  ITC as part of the Israeli delegation. We would be delighted to meet partners who want to join us in our pursuit to alter online life insurance”

Dr. Oren Fuerst, CEO – Onlife

They plan to offer online life insurance with underwriting on the spot for 100% of the cases.  At the ITC, the company is seeking partners, including Carriers and investors to assist us in the rapid launch of the service across the U.S. and Europe.

I recently met Onlife said Kobi which I am fascinated by. The company is led by experienced FinTech, Medtech, e-commerce and Insuretech experts that felt that current online life insurance leave much to be desired for.

Avi Bartov, CEO – GamaSec

A pre-breach tool to prevent cyber-attacks and minimize business exposures said Avi Bartov the  CEO of the company. It uses cutting edge virtual hacker technology to identify and eradicate dangerous malware threats and website vulnerabilities that could leave the business exposed. Our focus is on proactive loss prevention and minimizing policyholder’s exposures instead of just risk mitigation.

“We are looking forward to showing our visitors the amazing power, magic and benefits of ready-to-use AI-powered applications.” – David MamanCEO – 

They put in the hands of insurers a unique tool that helps them get real-time insights into the wellness and health status of their clients. Binah.ais video-based only, remote vital signs monitoring solution turns any camera-equipped device in a medical-grade monitor and enables insurers to better assess risks, lower operational costs, and loss ratio and improve customers experience and wellness services offering. 

“We think that Yous symbols the innovative approach in the Israeli InsurTech ecosystem and we are happy to be part of this distinguished delegation. We hope to meet investors and insurance partners in the ITC” Arik Sasi, Co-Founder – Yous

One of the promising companies in the Israeli delegation is Yous. Yous is a technology-backed new insurance business model; Yous wants to change the approach toward insurance, instead of letting the customer choose from various insurance products Yous learns one’s behavior and pro-actively adjusts its insurance covers.

“Air Doctor is looking to create interest among leading global insurance companies and partner with them for the long run” – Yuval Zimerman, Director of Marketing – Air Doctor

They are changing the way Insurance does business altogether. Instead of tackling claim and operational pain points with technological automated solutions, they changed the perspective and created a simple yet ingenious way to reduce costs and optimize performance.

GO Insurance

Go is a fully digital insurance platform that allows traditional insurance companies to convert their traditional business model to the new age. From the client perspective, GO provides a fully digital customer journey without any assistance. (from purchase to changes to claims and renewals) and from an insurance company point of view, GO enables traditional insurance companies to transform their business model and adopt more efficient business practice quickly and efficiently. 

“We are honored to be selected as a part of the Israeli delegation to ITC and the exciting opportunities this brings to OpenLegacy” Romi Stein, CEO – Open Legacy

“Established enterprises must be able to innovate like agile newcomers,” says Romi Stein, OpenLegacy CEO and Co-Founder. OpenLegacy accelerates the success of digital transformation projects. The platform automates and standardizes the process of creating digital services – microservices-based APIs. Without changing any backend applications an insurance organization can transform to a fast, agile and robust architecture in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

“Today we can handle 80% of the customer service and sales needs, while efficiently cutting operation costs and increasing ROI with our AI technology. This is what we have been doing in the last few years and we look forward to meeting more agencies, brokerage, and insurance company at the ITC event and see how we can work together” – Liri Halperin Segal, Founder-CEO – LeO

Another major player that was chosen to be a part of the Israeli delegation is LeO  – A leading Conversational AI platform designed specifically for the insurance industry. After they stormed into the Israeli market, they recently expanded their activity and start to sell in the U.S. “We already have some great meetings scheduled” said by Liri.

Insuretech Connect, is a great opportunity to meet partners to penetrate the US market” – MedinClaim

MedinClaim is an unique flexible AI platform for fully automated management of any medical related claim.  Dr Taragin,  from Israel National Insurance, said: “We have been using the system for years… and saved millions of dollars identifying errors in charges or inappropriate claims… a valuable resource for improving the quality of our service

You are not only leading insurtech israel, but you before you were the biggest insurance broker in Israel. What tips do you have for entrepreneurs?

  • Make sure the pain point you want to solve is a real problem.
  • Making sure you have insurance domain expertise in your a team  inside or outside.
  • Know How And Who To Access In The Insurance World When Looking For clients.
  • Raise money when you can and not  when you need to.

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