“It’s not the year of Cloud, it’s the decade – Cloud is the foundation of AI, BIgData, IOT and many more emerging technologies”. -Ian Moyse

To give a short personal impression: let us know what are your top 3 books everyone today needs to read and top 3 tech gadgets one needs to have?

I don’t do impressions, but for top 3’s I would suggest;

  1. Social Selling – Tim Hughes (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  2. Known – Mark Schaefer (available in Germanyin the US, in the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  3. The Big Switch – Nicholas Carr (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)

Book wise these all provide valuable insights with straightforwardness.

  1. Bose Soundwear Speaker  (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  2. Insta360 One Camera & Bulletime Selfie Stick (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  3. Smart Rings  (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)

All signs of the power of technology in our time to deliver great things at an affordable price.

Since there are so many definitions out there. How would you define #cloudcomputing? How do a normal individual and big corporations can benefit from it?

Cloud covers and means so many things to so many people, because most judge it from the end outcome, not the delivery method. For example ask some and they will describe it from an Icloud context; ‘its where all my photos get stored’, others may say ‘it’s where I host my website’ through to ‘we use it to speed our development testing, through on demand variable compute power’. 

For me the simplest headline is ‘Cloud Computing is using someone else’s remote compute processing and storage power, over the internet, to enable you to do wondrous things in an affordable, simpler way.’   This can be from NOT having to install hardware locally, architecture database and security and install software just to get users access to an application, (now simply switch on and login) through to a consumer saving a file on their PC and having it accessible on their phone, tablet and work computer instantly also without having to use FTP, complex file transfers or even think about what is going on.

How #ai supports #cloudcomputing nowadays? What kind of Cloudbased AI applications did impress you lately the most?

I would suggest it is #Cloud that supports #AI. Without the increasingly affordable compute power delivered by Cloud, AI would not be proliferating at the speed it is nor in as affordable a fashion. Without Cloud, AI innovations would be slower, cloud empowers devops and the ease and affordability to spin up compute test power on demand at low cost (take AWS per second billing). This enables smaller start-ups to create at a cost previously restrictive.  As an AI platform then comes to market, cloud enables that provider to platform and offer their services in an affordable fashion for a wider audience to digest.  Prior to cloud many AI offerings would not have been born in the 1st place, should they have come to market they would also have been cost prohibitive due to the infrastructure costs they incurred even to provision to their 1st customers.

What role plays security in a world running on the cloud. Especially in the insurance and finance industry we see a lot of mainframe or closed systems. What do you think about this?

Many of these legacy systems are on mainframe and closed because of just that, the legacy. If built today, no one would choose to architect their solution in this way with the compute power and approaches now available (unless a vested interest in selling high cost compute and storage, in a tie the client in way – exactly what these legacies have achieved!). Many of these – if not most – would be better served being cloud re-platformed, however due to their nature it is likely to be a rewrite not a re-platform to get the most beneficial end outcome and this will not be easy if realistic based on the scale of the history in such systems. Take the EPOS, CICS transactional type systems behind the cashpoints we take for granted.  The more likely approach is going to be a hybrid cloud approach, bridging systems into new cloud based offerings at the front end to better serve the modern user in the #mobile, #IOT type world.

Can you give your best advice for #Fintech and #Insurtech about the application of Cloud tech?

From my time in cloud I have found these sectors to be somewhat resistant and defensive at times about new tech, cited as the security risk being key. Whilst this is understandable, I would recommend taking off the historical emotional and political barriers in the sector and opening up to the fact that whilst cloud has its risks and in certain systems the transition may be too great to bear, to consider cloud in all areas as an option and find those where it is practical to use. Do not ignore it and the opportunities of new tech as disruptors are biting at your ankles with more to come. We have already seen many challenger banks making an impact, new to market and utilising all the new tech/cloud they can!

Tell us a little more about Natterbox. What do you guys do there?

Natterbox is the world’s 1st and only end to end telephony system fully inside the Salesforce platform. We provide customers an easy to digest, manage and use telephone experience with a Salesforce foundation, supporting Salesforce and non-Salesforce users encompassing web phone inside and outside Salesforce, desk phones. Soft phones and mobiles. 

Natterbox has been winning market accolades rapidly, with over 25 industry award wins in the last 18 months including several from Salesforce themselves. We have won awards for Innovation, Cloud, Telephony, CRM Integration and Customer Experience.

The Natterbox system delivers a range of benefits to our customers, depending on their needs and business model. We help reduce the CRM admin for users whilst increasing the breadth and quality of data being logged.  We empower you to get through to customers more effectively and to increase connects, to have greater insight into your agents and customers behaviours (eg. How many calls does it take on average and how much talk time to close an order of X value £$€). We aid the improvement of customer experience impacting KPI’s and NPS positively and aid reduction in customer churn.

What would you recommend to young people that start their career today and pursuing cloud computing?

Go for it with a passion. Cloud has only just started, and the opportunities are a plenty from the obvious technical side through to marketing, sales, operations, etc.  If you like innovation and being in an interesting sector which is changing the world around us, it’s a great place to be. There is a skills shortage in the space today due to the speed of growth of cloud (and surrounding tech) and retiring population leaving the tech sector.


Ian Moyse of Cloud Telephony Provider, Natterbox,  has been a leader in the cloud industry for over 12 years with over 25 years in IT. He has sat on the Boards of Eurocloud, FAST and the Cloud Industry Forum and in 2016 & 2017 Ian was a judge on the UK Cloud Awards.  Ian has been rated #1 cloud Social influencer from 2015-2017 (Onalytica). He is recognised as a leading cloud Blogger and was listed in the EMEA top 50 influencers in Data Centres, Cloud & Data 2017.

He is widely published on Cloud and is an approved writer for Cloudtech and has been published by the National Computing Centre. Ian was awarded UK Sales Director of the year by Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and is widely known as a leading Social Seller sitting as a non exec on Digital Leadership Associates.

Ian can be followed on twitter here > 

Thank you Ian from all of us here in!

Article by: Raul Tolentino

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