“Lazy is dead in the fast-changing future” -Warren Whitlock

To give a short personal impression: let us know what are your top 3 books everyone today needs to read and top 3 tech gadgets one needs to have?


  1. Blockchain Revolution (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  2. Obliquity (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  3. Predictably Irrational (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)


  1. Amazon Dash
  2. Roku TV (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)
  3. iPhone X (available in Germanyin the USin the UKin Francein Italy and in Spain)

You are one of the most known influencers on social media. What makes you so successful and what kind of secret tips are you able to share?

I listen. A lot. There is so much data in every conversation. Every favor you do in public is seen by people. They judge you by your engagement.

About 500.000 people follow you on Twitter alone – how do you manage all those fans?

I listen to my audience and respond to them as if it’s one person asking.

You are very active in the crypto and blockchain space. Since the end of 2017, a lot of cryptocurrencies have not recovered. Some say that cryptocurrencies are overestimated and will never see the high of 2017. What is your take on this?

Anyone buying crypto for appreciation is a currency trader and likely a fool. Some fools are rich fools and I wish them well. Blockchain is revolutionizing so much more than currency trading.

Blockchain, on the other hand, seems to see more and more investments and more and more concrete use cases. What are the use cases – besides crypto – that excited you the most in the last six months?

Ecommerce, education, energy, real estate transactions and management, ad tracking, gaming, call centers.

A lot of traditional companies are struggling to adapt to the rapid changes we witness today. In your opinion, what do you think are the biggest chances for traditional companies to use the digital transformation as a chance?

Build anything new on blockchain. Take cryptocurrencies that you can convert to fiat currencies or whatever you think holds value. Look for friction in your business and market ecosystems and cut it out before your competition does.

What are the biggest hurdles and how should corporates overcome them?

Cash cow profit centers and the attitude that you don’t want to upset what is working. Lazy is dead in the fast-changing future. Blockchain, AI, Nanotech and demographic changes will mean the global markets in five years will be completely different than today and tomorrow. The only way to keep up with change is to become a changemaker.

What would you recommend young people that think about entering the crypto or blockchain space?

Don’t work in the crypto or blockchain space. The real money is implementing this tech into real businesses and disrupting the status quo. Learn all you can about blockchain and look for ways to reduce friction and increase velocity to keep up with the hyperspeed change coming.

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