“Love your customers, not your product!” A podcast interview on Reach or Miss.

Reach or Miss cater podcasts for entrepreneurs that focus different customer and consumer approach leading to either failure or great success.

Previously participated by renowned leaders, influencers and specialists like Guy Kawasaki, Gordon Tredgold, Dan Knowlton, Aman Advani, Madalyn Sklar, Carla Johnson, Ian Anderson Gray, Corey Poirier, Elizabeth Scherle, Douglas Burdett, Jeff Bullas, Erik Huberman, Jeremiah Gardner.

Dr. Robin Kiera was the guest for their 60th episode where he shared how he started Digitalscouting as a simple hobby, the ups and downs and learn what are the key success factors behind.

Career Overview

For years, he was never afraid to call “the elephant in the room”, but more afraid in not doing anything at all. He mentioned that most of the people in the insurance and financial industries are comfortable in doing nothing.

He gradually approaches those issues in respectful ways to provide solutions. Followers increased and then suddenly some blogger called him as one of the influencers of Europe.

From then, he started publishing his homepage and that’s when everything exploded in surprising ways. 

Passion and Purpose

His passion is to help his audiences, corporate innovators and hundreds of startup entrepreneurs to consider new technologies. 

He is supporting insurance corporate in two ways.

  • As an expert partner for digital strategies by helping them to build and implement an ecosystem of digital services.
  • Help with communication strategies to increase the number of audiences.

“I always tell them, when you want to win the game with the soccer league’s giants it’s very easy, just don’t play soccer against them; play chess or gymnastics.  What I mean by that is if you are a smaller player who wants to win the game in your industry, it’s very important not to play by the rules, and not to do it as it was always done.” -Dr. Robin Kiera

His Greatest Advise in approaching customers?

“Love your customers, not your product! And share your knowledge! The time of silence is over.” -Dr. Robin Kiera

He emphasized that business owners and developers should be focused on the needs of their customers, their desires, and fears where you can provide value and solutions.

Also, he encouraged to share knowledge for free to create an ecosystem within the company as a brand that provides help and solution to the customers.

Biggest Failure

At his young age as speaker, when he received a lot of requests for help and he only gave them a  quick coffee and a bit of chat. He never provided an extra effort for a regular call or mentorship program.

Biggest Success

When he encountered some senior manager in a C-suits of a large insurance and said: “You know Robin, I actually reschedule an appointment and a pitch with BCG and Mackenzie because I wanted to talk with you.” and then he said to himself “OK, things are getting real”.

His recommended influencer for customer approach, and sales.

Aside from listening to podcasts and consuming a ton of web contents, he loves to listen to Bryan Fanzo – IsocialFanz, who is a social media guru who lives in the US.

The key factor for his success.

I am obliged to say this as per his exact words “My key success factor is surely Katia, my wife. Without her, none of this would ever have happened. Without her, everything would be nothing.” A Miss Universe-like answer that made me clap literally while listening to the podcast 🙂

Learn more by listening to the 60th episode of  Reach or Miss together with Hayut Yogev.

Written by: Raul Tolentino

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