Management: Positive Mindset Divides Failure and Success

When asked about mindset, what we often hear is that, it is everything. While it may sound like a broad and overwhelming definition to be, several studies have already proven the mindset’s powerful capability to change one’s life for the better. In fact, according to Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck, the best predictor of success in life is your mindset.

In the business world where failures and challenges are part of a typical workday, mindset can make or break you. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many other successful entrepreneurs might dazzle you with their groundbreaking achievements, but success isn’t always in their favor. They also faced their own sets of adversaries but it is the mindset that highly contributed to their current position in life.

A positive mindset will view failures as a door to the best opportunities and learnings that you may never have a chance to stumble upon if you are comfortable seating on your throne of success. It will focus on the solutions rather than the negative implications of the problem. A negative mindset may result in overthinking that could even drag you to more unproductive habits and many other unfavorable effects.

Believe it or not, success also has its setbacks, but it is only a negative mindset that will allow these problems to get in the way. Focus on things that you can control and be open to learnings and improvements. It may sound easier said than done but you CAN change your mindset.

Between failure and success is a fine line where mindset lays. Whatever side you reach, it is how you view things and act upon them that will lead you to the right path.

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