Named Top 3 Insurtech Influencer by Instech London

Instech London, the insurance technology innovation community for entrepreneurs, investors and market professionals in London, released their current global ranking of insurtech influencers. I am very honored an humbled to be part of the top 3. 

As honored and humbled as I am by this recognition, I know that in the end individual placements in rankings are not as important as the strength of the worldwide digital, fintech and insurtech ecosystem. 

In order to support the transformation of the industry and to help struggling incumbents surviving the biggest challenge since decades and even using it as an opportunity to grow a strong ecosystem is necessary. If I look at all fellow influencers, if I look at the service provides and insurtech start-up at conferences or when I meet one of the few adapting incumbents with their visionary and bold c-suites I am quite confident that the strengths, dynamic, experience and expertise of the ecosystem will help fulfill this goal. In the end I believe to see so many inspiring thought leaders and individuals with impact on these rankings, at conferences or behind the scenes in meetings or during collaboration – is in my opinion an affirmation that the industry as a whole is on a good way. 

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