Networking During the Pandemic

“Your Network is Your Net Worth”.

In this book by Porter Gale, he wrote, “I believe that your social capital, or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio.”

Businesses require networking with or without a pandemic. It’s more challenging with COVID-19 but we managed to create alternative ways to stay social while observing social distancing.

Why should we expand our borders?

✔️ Opens doors to new opportunities and possible collaborations

✔️ Increases brand visibility

✔️ Makes us someone’s potential resource

✔️ Creates a two-way flow of ideas and expertise

#1 Be Digitally Present

Take advantage of digital channels to build, develop, maintain, and strengthen connections. This is one of the cores of networking during the pandemic.

✔️ Social Media

✔️ Websites

✔️ Webinars

✔️ Podcasts

✔️ Online events

✔️ and more.

To be digitally present is not only posting on your page or website but also engaging with other people by LIKING, SHARING, REACTING, and COMMENTING on their content.

#2 Follow Industry Experts

Following influencers and industry experts is one of the invaluable benefits of networking.

Social media even made it easier to get in touch. Goodbye to the “game of phones”, cold emails, and mail backs. A few clicks and scrolls and we can start following one another.

Business pros from across the globe feature workshops and events we can take down notes from. Connecting with them keeps us in the know, maybe even start a collaboration, fingers crossed.  

The bigger your network gets, the more new insights show up. Your network is a free source of fresh ideas which never run out.

#3 Give Value

Focus on quality. Put the best foot forward in creating content with value.

✔️ Use Cases and Lessons Learned

✔️ Tips and How-to

✔️ Articles and Blog Posts

✔️ News and Updates

✔️ Products and Services

✔️ Polls

✔️ and more.

Consistently create engaging content and spark discussions that bring value to our network – something beneficial. With this, avoid too much “self-promotion”, and avoid the “ME content”. It may look self-centered and could push people away.

The goal is to make people want to work with you without bragging about what you can offer.

#4 Create New and Reconnect

Get in touch with contacts old and new. Connect regularly and don’t burn bridges. Living in a tech-savvy world allows us to reach out to people easier, digitally. We beat COVID in that aspect.

Consider joining clubs and groups to meet relevant people in our space who can be our affiliations or even friends.

Social media is a bowl of salad where you can find connections. On LinkedIn, we can join up to 100 groups out of over 2 million on the platform. Twitter is another place to find communities of like-minded people. Expanding our circle is simpler today. We just have to throw ourselves out there.

#5 Be Real

Be sincere and be yourself. People, in-person or virtual, are good judges of authenticity. Build a network grounded on making lasting relationships, not merely on benefits.

Let’s put ourselves out there and lay the foundations.

Networking can make a difference in opportunities and future collaborations and is still possible amidst the pandemic.

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