No Internet Reception In Germany

I travel. A lot. I travel by plane, by car, and by train. In most developed countries it’s possible to work while traveling – except in Germany.

While government and NGOs don’t get tired to cite shady studies certifying Germany as “innovation power” the reality on the ground is different.

In the last 4 weeks, I have been in most metropolitan regions in Germany – in Frankfurt, the financial heart of Europe, the densest populated region in Europe the Ruhrgebiet and my hometown Hamburg, the commercial center of the country. In all locations, I experienced areas without or with extremely low mobile internet. I even experienced no phone reception – in areas populated by millions.

When using the train, it’s even worse. The high-speed ICE may have WiFi but as soon as the train is half full it breaks down – so no work possible. Using other trains like IC or EC there is no Wifi at all. Regular mobile internet does not help because for most parts of the travel there is no connection or so slow that my computer treats it as if there is no internet connection at all.

While writing this, I already hear the super smart comments that it should actually be a blessing not to be connected and to relax a little. Well, I could relax. No problem. But my employees wouldn’t have. Because without finishing that concept, answering to that RFP or making decisions for the company my clients will be unhappy. Therefore, less revenue, less budget for employees, fewer jobs.

Thinking about the economic damage of the rotten digital infrastructure in Germany, the lost entrepreneurial opportunities and billions not made me cry. Listening to the arrogant größenwahn Germany as an innovation nation makes me angry.

Fun fact on the side. When I drive from Hamburg to Denmark or the Netherlands slow mobile internet and lost connections accompany me all the way. As soon as I cross the border it seems that my phone or computer explode. I experience high-speed internet not seen before.

So it’s possible. To provide basic infrastructure in Europe. Just not in Germany.

I wish there would be a movement to secure the digital future of Germany.

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