Our Study on Social Media: Which Insurers are really Convincing on Social Media?

How actively does the insurance industry use social media?  

Digitalscouting examined the activities of over 270 insurers listed with the German Insurance Association (GDV) in the past 30 days (July-August) including posts published, liked, or commented on across major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

In the evaluation, Alliance, Munich Re, and Huk24 top as the best insurers on social media, followed by Verti, Zurich, and Ergo. Not far behind are Huk-Coburg and Cosmosdirekt.

👍 Allianz leads Facebook following with 1.3 million.

👍 Munich Re has established a steady ground on Twitter since 2011.

👍 Huk24 effectively created modern, engaging video content on YouTube.

Dr. Robin Kiera shares his two cents on companies’ success on social media. Allianz takes first place because of its strong presence backed up by good content. Munich Re conducts professional investor and public relations on Twitter. While Huk24 does not use YouTube as a garbage dump for outdated advertising clips but imposes a solid video content strategy.

TikTok is trendy. Twitter is engaging. Facebook is interactive. Instagram is creative. YouTube is entertaining.  Among all platforms, TikTok is making the biggest explosions. Dr. Robin Kiera would personally attest to that.

These channels offer the opportunity to increase digital contact points with different target groups exponentially.

How active are insurers on social media? Few insurers take the chance and many still don’t.

👍 77% of German insurers represent themselves on YouTube.

👍 14% are active on Twitter.

👍 28% are thriving on Facebook.

👍 Online content creation in TikTok, on the other hand, is exceptional and continues to make the loudest noise.

On average, Germans spend 1.24 hours on social media – per day. Insurers should not miss out on social media. We cannot deny the fact that it holds the greatest potential.

However, it is not the size that determines social media competence but the right strategies to use these platforms to our advantage.

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