Poll Question Results: “Which Marketing Strategy Do You Prioritize?”

Marketers should practice prioritization because if not, everything will only be half-baked. Nothing stands out. Prioritization is more effective than throwing stones at all targets and not hitting anything. 

We wanted to find out which marketing strategy is on top of the priority list and posted the question, “Which marketing strategy do you prioritize?” on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’re grateful to our friends and colleagues who eagerly responded.

Results from our survey poll hailed SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING as the top priority among marketing strategies garnering 72% of all your votes.

Here’s the breakdown:

Social Marketing                       –              72%.

Website/SEO                            –              16%

Sales Calls                               –              12%

Email Marketing/Newsletter       –              0%

Social media marketing serves as a communication link between consumers and marketers and is a great way to build consistent brand awareness. Because each platform is unique, it allows us to segment our audience by specific interests or demographics.

This is a quick reference that you can consider in your next planning. We should be where our customers are, and we know they’re on social media. Do you agree?

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