Sharing Best Practice from East and West: Media Partnership between China’s InsurView and

Today I’m happy to announce a media partnership between and one of China’s largest Insurtech sites, InsurView. InsurView is an insurance news platform whose goal is to connect the InsurTech industry and inform on the latest news and developments in the exciting insurance industry of China. 

Insights into eastern and western markets

Our partnership will go both ways – we’ll be bringing insights from InsurView’s website over to and publish them in English, while articles, interviews and market analysis from will be translated into Chinese and published to the Chinese audience via InsurView. I’ve actually already sent over to new interviews that I’ve recently carried out with industry players Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc., and Chris Cheatham, CEO of and. They’ve been translated into Chinese and can be accessed.

Since starting up last year, InsurView has already gained a wide following and has released hundreds of articles including five industry reports about Digital Insurance in China. InsurView also provides online and offline communities for professionals interested in InsurTech to share information and set up events. I’m very excited to expand the platform’s media borders into the English-speaking Fintech and Insurtech world through 

Digitalization enables international exchange of best practices

It’s really great that these digital tools, the digital transformation and globalization allow us to share news and insights across geographical distances and cultural boundaries. In addition, I strongly believe that cultural connection between Asia and the West will be absolutely invaluable for the future of the InsurTech industry. Between us, we share a common goal to bring the industry and its technology forward, to innovate, and to expand. In some way, we’re actually all in the same boat despite being on different continents. The first guest article by insurview will shed more light on this. 

That being said, and in the spirit of global exchange, I’d like to announce that I’m looking for additional partnerships in the international community. I think it’s a great idea to do this and that we should all aim to expand our borders. If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me! 

Robin Kiera

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