“Thank you, industry heroes” – Digitalscouting Year-End Greetings

2020 has seen its fair share of the decade’s one for the books in a little over a year. Our lives have come to a halt in a way like never before, leaving us struggling to respond to a rapidly spreading virus and uncertain of the days to come. Every waking hour is a challenge to learn ways on how to embrace a new norm without the familiar routines we used to live by.  

Sure, 2020 could be the worst, but in a time of uncertainty and upheaval is an unanticipated change that opens endless possibilities. Industries rapidly grappled with the challenges and stood strong. Insurance and finance are among the heroes who bravely ripped off 2020’s disguise as a threat to show the world the opportunities that lie beyond it.

During the economic and health crisis, we at Digitalscouting, with our endeavors to bring out the good in the insurance and finance industry, fought hard to continue moving forward. We initiated a weekly live show participated by well-known personalities with different professions from around the world. These are all available in Spotify to cater to the people’s active and busy everyday lives in our community.

Not only did the Insurance and Finance LIVE show give me a chance to connect with individuals that I share the same ideals. It also opened doors for collaborations with Nikolaus Sühr for Entscheider Live (German Show) and Florian Graillot for Florian and Robin Show (startup insurtech funding rounds).

As if the sound we are making reverberated twice as before, more opportunities came to support our mission. Last September, together with Hans-Gerd Coenen of GHV Versicherung and Dominik Groenen, and Melvin Lamberty, we launched the world’s very first sneaker for the insurance industry.

A new platform also welcomed us with the widest arms to allows us to educate most excitingly. TikTok allowed us to take risks and taught us important lessons. It paved the way for the opening of CEO of Diggi Shop, a product of my unwavering confidence in TikTok’s potential and gratitude to #teamdiggi.

As the new year approaches, new challenges arise. Let’s brace ourselves for whatever will come along as there’s more uncertainty on the horizon. We were the heroes that kept the industry alive and growing at the most challenging times. We didn’t just survive – we thrived. What will 2021 offer that we can’t overcome?

A big thank you to the community that supported us every step of the way, especially our awesome guests who took part in our live shows. You are all heroes!

David M. Brear, Nigel Walsh, Jenny Weidner, Olivier Jaillon, April Rudin, Patrick Kelahan, Ryan Mathisen, Steve Tunstall, Ebru ÇETİN, Naby Mariyam, Sabine VanderLinden, Rob Galbraith, Tunde Salako, Julian Teicke, Carsten Stolz, Christian Wiens, Shefali Sonpar, Alexandre Rispal, Christopher Lohmann, Désirée Mettraux, Eric Bussert, Harald Rosenberger, Susan Westwater, Philippe Lafreniere, Chris Skinner, Jay Weintraub, Marguerite Tortorello, Sridhar Subbaraman, Sabastian Hanny, Sebastian Pitzler, Martin Micko, Chris Cheatham, Hasan Shahid, Brian Wallace, Nick Gerhart, Brian Richardson, Jim Marous, Hugues Bertin, Joel Bassani, Dietmar Linde, Jens-Uwe Rohwer, Thomas Heindl, Charlotte Halkett, Steven Mendel, Bryan Falchuk, Christoph Lüer, Frederik Wulff, Stefan Liebig, Dr. Angelo Rohlfs, Junita van der Colff, Roger Peverelli, Kamesh Goyal, Burkhard Oppenberg, Dr. Gerrit Böhm, Karen Geva, Michael Müller, Martin Gräfer, Jay Palter, Martin Fleischer, Snejina Zacharia, Jennifer Byrne, Gentry Lane, Rainer Brune, Christoph Arnet, Kobi Bendelak, Nir Flatau, Yaron Cohen, Amir Golan, Daniel Mutz 丹尼尔, Frank Ketnakker, Stephen Voss, Benny Bennet Jürgens, Pierangelo Campopiano, Stephan Schinnenburg, Ramin Niroumand, Eric Mignot, Jim Albert, Juerg Schiltknecht Patrik Wilkens, Alex R, Patrick Dahmen, Jörg Arnold, Dr. Frank Grund, Ted Taveras, Arleen T. Taveras, Bobbie Shrivastav, Amber Wuollet, Sebastian Hanny, Jörg Riccius, Brett King, Alexander Braun, Dr. Stefan Knoll, Daniel Schreiber, Hedi Mardisoo, Nina Henschel, Frank Thomsen, Frank Lamsfuß, Stephanie Griese

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