The future of #reinsurance – insights of Swiss Re and iptiQ

What is the future of reinsurance in the insurance industry?

I asked this myself a lot.

That is the reason I was so happy that Thierry Léger, the CEO of Life Capital and a member of the Group Executive Committee and Carl Christensen, the CEO of IPTiQ L&H EMEA, took some time to talk about insurance,  innovation and  insurtech.

I was especially interested why a Swiss Re as a reinsurer is building iptiQ, a tech company and to find out the strategic vision behind it.

Speaking on trends, Thierry underlined the importance of emerging platforms combining two things: their access to billions of clients and also their ability to address the need of a client both which insurance companies don’t have always access to. 

Carl stated that the industry seems to be at the crossroad of the old and the new way, where the old business won’t work, and people are trying out the new ones. But he believes that the role of an reinsurer and tech company like iptiQ could be to help insurer to transition smoothly into the new era. 

Thierry shares a background information about IPTiQ, a platform insurer (or B2B/B2C insurer) and how they engage with brands and individual clients. He also talks about the effects of disruption on the value chain of the insurance industry and the primary insurer. 

Carl shares his view about investment in technology and ways to scale this technology investment. He gives tips on how to drive technology evolutions and how their company makes insurance more accessible to individuals through partnering up with their most favorite brands. 

Watch the video for more expert detailed insights.


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