The Unsung Heroes after Looting and Riots

Who were the unsung heroes we should be proud with after the looting and riots?

We were all bombarded with bad news over the 1st half of this year but I was really inspired by a news clip about our industry working silently for the society.

Kitson, a high-end boutique in Los Angeles, recently lost about $400,000 because of looting and property damage. Luckily, The Hartford Group, Kitson’s insurance provider, specifically covers looting. Owner of Kitson, Fraser Ross described the situation as “more devastating” with the fallout from the coronavirus that businesses around the world are also experiencing.

Insurers and Insurances helping the communities and businesses to rebuild even after damages due to health and political crisis. We’re great at anticipating our customers’ problems in giving straight forward solutions while becoming more and more vital to their daily lives.

These can happen on other sides of the word but our industry is more powerful than these adversaries expanding ecosystems and same with opportunities.

We’re proud to be part of this community working industry.

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