TikTok on your home screens?

After merging with in 2018 and surpassing favorite and long-existing apps in the number of downloads the year after, hitting 2 million in just three years after its launch, it seems like TikTok goes nowhere but beyond our expectations. 

On December 14, 2020, the global sensation app TikTok announced another milestone that would change the game for Smart TVs. A partnership with Samsung Electronics Ltd and TikTok was kicked-off to bring the app’s short-form video content into our big screens at home. It is now available on Samsung Smart TV models from 2018, initially in the UK.

The surge in the use of TVs prompted by the pandemic is one of Tiktok’s reasons for this new venture, aside from promoting a shared great entertainment experience within the household. 

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has captured the generation of tech savvies. Any online platform could not match its appeal to the younger generation.

Now that our favorite app has expanded its existence from our hands’ mobile phones to our living rooms’ TV, it is also broadening its reach from youngsters to young at heart. With this move, TikTok is set to win the hearts of the older generation, because who can’t resist a good laugh once in a while?

There are over 1 billion estimated active TikTok users around the world as of now. Its recent partnership with the world market leader in the TV space means massive numbers and a wider reach. We are talking about millions of homes across Europe. Now is the perfect time to utilize these statistics and sell. 

Remember that sooner, it is not just the Gen Zs and the Millennials, so create content that would catch the attention of all ages. Make use of the app wisely – it could be the marketing goldmine you’ve long been digging for. We consider this as a chance of a lifetime, especially for insurers.

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