Tip of the Week: Why B2B Branding is Critical?


Branding Matters. It’s the reason why customers should choose us over the competitors.

Therefore, it should be clear and consistent, not blurry, shaky, and questionable.

Are we conveying the right messages? Is the branding we’ve set the same with the branding our customers have in mind? Do we know what’s going on in our customer’s heads?

When we hear about branding, the things which come to mind are the logo, the tag line, and the marketing. But the logo is not the brand, it’s a symbol. The tag line is a message. Marketing is a campaign.

Branding goes beyond the multimedia, products, and services but is also a result of it.

Branding is the impression of our customers when they hear the brand as well as the memories and emotional reactions memories surrounding that impression.

A bit cheesy maybe but it’s the truth. Impression greatly impacts buyer decision.

Branding is the overall reputation that defines who we are as a company.

We don’t want to be “just another brand”. We want to be “THE BRAND”. As we say, “there are other fishes in the sea”. Remember that we are not the only option out there. In fact, the competition gets stronger every day.

The market is diverse and the competitive landscape is changing. Are we original? Are we sincere? Are we unique? Are we bold enough?

Branding helps us become a dominant leader in our space. We cannot afford to be just part of the white noise. Stand out!

Trust is one of our customer’s deciding factor when choosing a brand. It is hard earned and takes time. A strong B2B branding enables us to build trust not only with our customers but also with other stakeholders – our team, shareholders, partners, etc.

A trusted brand generates more quality leads, makes more sale, and most especially, creates loyal customers.

One of the most rewarding achievements is to create a legacy and preserve it even with hard bumps and rocky roads. If this is the end goal, we have to build a strong B2B branding from the very beginning.

Branding is our reputation that promises high quality products and service. Building the brand is not the end of it. To nurture it is equally important. Let’s review our B2B branding.

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