Tips for Better Customer Service in the New Normal


The COVID-19 pandemic made a huge implication on the global insurance market. During these difficult times, the digital adaptation of processes became a huge help in bridging the gap between struggling businesses and customers wishing to get things done.

In the new normal, we are getting used to the adaptation of technological advancements. From long queues and unpleasant facilities, customers now complain about bugs, downtimes, and unresponsive customer service representatives. Today’s good customer service journey includes a seamless experience in an app, website, or other digital-related platforms.

Here are some tips to revamp our digital services and give our customers the best experience in the new normal.

Predict and Prevent Model

The predict and prevent model works by analyzing data to find patterns that form risks and prevent it from happening. Of course, it cannot guarantee accurate predictions but rather focuses on the likelihood and severity of losses that might be suffered by the companies and its customers.

Omnichannel Approach

To improve digital customer experience, marketers usually apply an omnichannel approach wherein each channel (desktop or mobile device) works together to create a unified accessibility experience.

Machine Learning and AI

With machine learning and AI, the massive amount of data that companies get from their customers will not be sitting around in a storage anymore. It will be analyzed to understand the customer’s preference that will allow businesses to give a more personalized experience.

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