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Tips for Insurance and Finance Webinars

Tips for Insurance and Finance Webinars

Did you know that because of the webinar’s ability to increase audience engagement, it fuels demand generation? Here are some tips and best practices to boost your webinar content.

1. Go with the Best Topic and Format

A good webinar starts with a great topic. Choose a specific and compelling topic that you can focus and analyse very well so you can impart a solid knowledge. Insurance and Finance topics can be chunked down into smaller untouched topics that would contribute great value to the industry.

✅ Industry Insights and Updates
✅ How-To Topics
✅ Success Use Cases
✅ and many more.

Once you have the great topic, match it with the best webinar format.

✅ Interview: with VIPs and inspiring people that can share great value to your audience.
✅ Q&A: allowing your audience to ask questions on the fly for your chosen and researched topics.
✅ Panel Discussion: similar to interview but in a bigger group of panellist that can share more insights.
✅ Presentation: this can be a presentation of topics, products, digital launch or anything you need to promote.
✅ or You can combine 1 or 2 formats.

2. Be Prepared

Choose your Streaming Site, make sure your streaming site is supported by your website and social media platforms for integrations. Interactive ones are the best; audiences, nowadays, do not like to listen only but also to participate. Here are few sites to consider;

Zoho Meeting

Create a Landing Page, because this is where you want your leads to go. Remember, leads are potential customers and we want to build a relationship with them. Promote the show in all your social media channels for attention.

3. Have a must-follow Script:

Check your feedback and engagements from all your promotions to capture some important questions and thoughts.
Make sure to consider your audience important questions so you need to give the opportunity for these on the actual show.
Create and Share your questions to your Guest(s) ahead of time so they can also prepare.

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