Voice Technology is Tomorrow’s Key Marketing Tool

From Smart Home devices to surfing the web, voice technology is taking over our daily lives. The shift towards voice user interfaces is not surprising as convenience, flexibility, and maximized functionality are realized. Another driving factor is the user’s inclination to speed and efficiency brought upon the ever-evolving digital world.

The voice technology’s advantage in interacting with consumers every day outperforms other technologies in terms of user experience. It allows ease of use for the silver generation who has a growing purchasing power, not to mention that it is extremely loved by the millennials. Voice technology is becoming the forefront of marketing and more companies should consider following the efforts of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and many other participating companies in the voice recognition market in developing this technology.

In the 2021 Voice Consumer Index White Paper, the role of voice in bridging the gap between brands and audiences was confirmed. Designed to provide a clearer understanding of the voice technology users, it contains research results that will help marketers and brands craft a strategic approach to improving customer relationships.

The white paper identified relevant findings, three of which hold the most importance.

1. Voice is part of daily life for many.

Daily usage is now over 30%; weekly usage is almost 50% across all three markets.

In 2018, a heavy user could be considered someone who used Voice daily. In this research, we now see over 30% of users (30% US, 34% UK, 31% Germany) are using Voice assistants daily, and over 20% of the population is using them multiple times a day. This indicates that Voice tech is becoming more integrated in the lives of those who use the technology regularly.

2. Voice activities align with the marketing funnel.

“Over 90% of users have used a voice assistant to find an answer to that question via a search engine.”

The search behaviors associated with awareness and then the more specific search tasks that are a part of consideration. At each phase, the volume reduces but that is normal for any funnel as some users will drop out during the journey. It also showed that across all three countries, 91% have done the top of funnel research behavior of asking a search engine a question. All of these activities indicate that a marketing funnel exists within Voice with or without support from specific brands. This is a big opportunity for brands in many industries to provide relevant content and to support their customers throughout the journey.

3. Voice search is an opportunity for all industries.

Music, news, and weather are the most frequently searched for content that most people typically engage with when they first start using Voice assistants. Brands within Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare & Wellness, and Food Delivery & restaurants have a tremendous opportunity to better serve their audiences all along the marketing funnel.

This report is created by Vixen Labs based on the research conducted by delineate, in partnership with Open Voice Network.

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