Welcome to TikTok World

Are you one of many TikTok users who can’t seem to stop scrolling on the app once they opened it? A minute ago, you thought to yourself, “Let me rest and watch TikTok videos for a bit.” But just like that, you already spent 30 minutes swiping up from one video to another, succumbing to the TikTok World.

TikTok has grown so much throughout the years. Whether you are a video creator or merely a viewer, we couldn’t deny how it is slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. That’s why TikTok For Business didn’t come out as a surprise. Who will waste that precious opportunity of connecting brands to consumers? Definitely not TikTok.

Since the launch of TikTok For Business in 2020, we have heard nothing but success stories. It became a home for the most iconic and memorable promotional campaigns like KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken and Aerie’s viral leggings that exceeded the brands’ expectations.

This coming September 28, 2021, TikTok will hold a celebration that formally marks the beginning of a more creative future – the TIKTOK WORLD. It promises to introduce more opportunities to brands, regardless of their popularity. We can expect tools that cater to all the brands’ needs in making the most out of TikTok.

The marketing power of TikTok is revolutionary, and the hashtag TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is a living proof of that. The growing 5.2B views of the viral hashtag may just look like a trail of people giving product reviews and recommendations to an average person. To marketers, it means that it is yielding action and making a conversion. And TikTok made it look like it wasn’t a tough nut to crack.

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