What we know about YouTube short Video

What we know about YouTube short Video

A lot of people are now indulging themselves by creating content and then posting it online, especially this quarantine season, where most of us are stuck inside our houses with our phones.  Since the beginning of March, the mention of the word “TikTok” on Facebook has gone up from 19.4 million to 20.4 million.

TikTok skyrocketed its way to the top of the list for video platforms that feature bite-sized content. Its rating count in the Apple App store jumped from 492 to 577 million, with a 17% increase. However, as it grew more popular, there have also been many issues around the platform that threaten its place in the market today.

With TikTok’s jeopardy, everyone has their eyes set to be the next big thing! Instagram already released Instagram Reels, which offers the same feature as TikTok’s. Now, a new challenger emerged—YouTube Shorts. 

Even without their new venture, YouTube is already the biggest video streaming platform online. As they make a TikTok-like feature, the platform hopes to expand its reach and shift the market’s attention away from TikTok. YouTube Shorts allows users to create 15-second videos with overlaying music. According to its creator, YouTube, the music library will comprise a multitude of songs to choose from, which will surely give more room for the users’ creativity.

Additionally, the feature also offers more technical aspects for the users. It will come with a multi-segment camera that will allow users to stitch clips together. Users will also have access to playback speed and a timer/countdown when taking videos.

YouTube is known for its flawless algorithm that promotes diversity. This gives equal opportunity for creators to be in the spotlight. The same will be done in their new feature, giving a much more diverse and robust exposure experience.

As of the moment, YouTube Shorts is gearing up beta tests in India. After gathering feedback and tweaking a little bit, the company will prepare for a broader release in the market of different territories.

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