Social media is no longer new territory- for ten years

“If, for example, our customers spent 25 percent of their waking, freely available time on social media, we would have to invest 25 percent of our marketing budget and sales time on these channels.”

This might sound like a bold and risky move especially for companies who had not touched their social media channels for years, or perhaps posted on them… and left it like that – with no interaction and an enemy of the algorithm.

Be there – where the customer is.”

In today’s time, it is probably easy to guess where the customers are. They are online, making purchases, checking product reviews, getting the latest news, moving from one social media app to another. From entertainment to attending to their needs, customers are surfing on the internet.

With the internet drowning with data and information, it’s a tough battle to be on top – of the customer’s choice and the search results. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Dr. Robin Kiera’s feat on TikTok is definitely a rough road. And, it still is. With an increasing number of followers comes great responsibility.

“Social media is not an end.”

Much like the wonderland in Alice’s dreams, social media is full of doors filled with surprises. Right actions yield positive results. In the long run, the adventure’s more fun with a companion.

Shift budgets and resources. Outsource experts who will do the job. These are just a few proven and tested tips to catch attention and make the customers come to you.

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