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At Digitalscouting it is our mission, to use our early global insights into trends and technology and our honest, direct and fair approach to help corporations and organizations to survive and grow in challenging times supporting the good in insurance and finance. 

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Graphic work for digital products, video production, and the organization of digital events, as well as content for social media and the OCC online magazine. Dr. Robin Kiera managing director of Digitalscouting, a Hamburg digital agency, advises OCC on these activities for social development.

As a result, OCC has the largest insurance account in the DACH region on TikTok with 100,000 followers, 45 million views.

OCC's TikTok presence is a continuation of its successful digital strategy. This path includes, in addition to the restructuring of internal processes, the digitization of marketing communication.

Nina Schmal, Managing Director of OCC, is in charge of sales and marketing. " For us, TikTok is not a performance channel in the traditional sense, but rather an investment in our future reach and channel diversification, allowing us to reach our customers of tomorrow today."

"Robin Kiera is a renowned insurance and InsureTech expert and has worked in several management positions and insurance and finance. He is a keynote speaker who regularly speaks at technology conferences around the world. He is the #1 InsureTech Influencer in Germany and belongs to the top 10 tech influencers worldwide. He is also the author of Digital Scout and Block."

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Dr. Robin Kiera, former insurance and bank manager is one of the most known voices in the international insurance industry. With his consulting company Digitalscouting he and his team help insurers and banks around the world to maximize B2C and B2B sales success by using digital content - from Linkedin and Whatsapp to Tiktok. In his keynote he will share how he managed to built up a social media empire reaching up to 20 Million people monthly and how you can do that too.

IPFConline has finally released its annual 50 Top Digital Influencers to Follow at the End of 2021 and in 2022. This list is covering his list is covering major Topics around the global economic & technical Digital Transformation, such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI Ethics, IoT (Internet of Things), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Autonomous Vehicles, Digital & Health Tech, Cloud & Edge Computing, Smart Cities, Robots/Bots/Chatbots, The Future of Work, Data Science, Fintech, Insurtech, DevOps, Edtech, Cyber Security, VR & AR, Sustainability, Environment, Blockchain, and many more. To see the full list, click the button below.

Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany. Robin is an author, renowned speaker, entrepreneur,...

Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany. Robin is an author, renowned speaker, entrepreneur, top-ranked insurance and finance influencer.

He started Digitalscouting as an after-work hobby that exploded positively and became a multimedia B2C, B2B and B2B2C consulting and marketing agency – supporting entrepreneurs, c-suits and start-ups in their digital transformations, market-entry, hacking the attention of customers and partners.

Before being recognized as the “Attention Hacker” in the insurance and finance industry he was labelled as the “Rebel of Industry” radically exposing elephant in the room topics with his on-stage rants, videos and blogs. Being genuine with his contributions he was recognized in top industry rankings, supported by more than 140.000 followers generating 16 millions of reach every month.

Dr. Robin Kiera, Consulting & Marketing Agency and Personal & Virtual Speaker - talks about "B2B on TikTok and Content Targeting". He says Tiktok can be used as a medium for B2B purposes as it has worked for 50age since a lot of people go there and they have a large audience plus it is organic.  
Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting, renowned speaker, author, and top-ranked insurance and finance influencer. Also known as the “Rebel of...
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