Monday, July 6, 2020

My thoughts on TikTok in the Insurance industry caused a stir 😁

My thoughts on TikTok in the insurance Industry caused a stir 😁

12 weeks after we started we had 1,8M views with 73.000+ likes that made us realize how tremendous the opportunity on TikTok currently is. And which business does not like the opportunity.

“How to Use TikTok in Business” – Dr. Robin Kiera

Nevertheless, an article in Versicherungsbote by MarKo Petersohn challenged our views “TikTok: Great opportunity for the insurance industry or just hype?”

He mentioned “Currently I would not recommend using TikTok for (content) marketing purposes. At least not for insurance companies.”

❔ Is TikTok not professional enough for Insurance?
❔ Can attention on TikTok be converted into Sales?
❔ The million-dollar question is, would you use TikTok for your business?

We really appreciate any contribution to the overall discussion in the industry. Therefore we thank Marko. I also would love to know your thoughts.

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