Friday, September 17, 2021

TikTok’s New Keyboard Shortcuts

TikTok is innovating even in the smallest details.

Have you tried TikTok’s new keyboard shortcuts?

TikTok made it easier to explore the latest videos on our laptop or computer.

Player controls displayed at the bottom-right of the screen help the users navigate. No need to grab the mouse or struggle with the cursor.

New Keyboard Shortcuts:

⬆️ Arrow up – go to previous video

⬇️ Arrow down – go to next video

L – like video

M – mute/unmute video

Key Takeaways:

✔️ Since they are dominators for mobile users, they innovate to cover the desktop users at even the smallest details from moving a mouse to just pressing the buttons.

✔️ They want to get new users the easiest and the fastest way possible. TikTok also allows different options for easy signups aside from emails like using our Facebook, Twitter, and others.

✔️ Insurers, bankers, and marketers can learn from TikTok. No innovation is too small. We should innovate based on what our customers need and on how we could deliver products and services that is more convenient for them.

✔️ Creativity and agility is the heart of innovation. We have to be first in setting the trends.

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