InsurTech Trends We’re Seeing in the Near and Long Future

As we look ahead in the future, it is nice to remember the pandemic’s most important lesson: tomorrow is always unpredictable. Even at this moment, we don’t know which direction will the insurtech industry swing by. What’s certain is that we should be ready for another wave of disruption that will define the future of […]

UPDATED: Over 65.000 views of Hermes self-driving parcel robot on Hamburg road

It was one of the few beautiful summer days in Hamburg, when a small robot crossed my lunch table in the Bartelsstraße. This robot is known for being developed and tested by Hermes Logistics – a parcel delivery company from Hamburg. Interesting to know that Hermes is owned by the Otto Group, known as the […]

Speaker at Hamburg.AI on September 13th

I am honored to speak at Hamburg.AI on September 13th on “Business meets AI” at the Mindspace in Hamburg. I am very happy to be part of this tech oriented event and thank Collect.AI for the invite. I am very looking forward to the other participants on stage – such as Nils Grabbert, VP Data Science of […]

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