Wefox Raises $110 Million in Series D Funding Led by Barclays and JP Morgan

Insurtech firm wefox has successfully expanded its Series D funding round, raising an impressive $110 million. What makes this news even more significant is the involvement of renowned financial institutions Barclays and JP Morgan. The details of this deal, along with wefox’s plans, profitability goals, and the role of other insurers and brokers in their […]

“We do the work for brokers, not the customers.”

We do the work for brokers, not the customers

Are you looking for simple international health insurance? Consider PassportCard, an innovative company that combines insurance and payment into a single product. In a recent interview with Eithan Wolf, CEO of PassportCard Germany, he discusses why their service is ideal for brokers looking to simplify their offerings while providing excellent customer service. However, the question […]

Bigger, Better, Insurtech – 4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference

4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference

During the recent Insurtech Insights Conference in London, we delved deeper and shared thoughts about the future of insurtech. What are the “4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference”? The conference focused on the strength of the insurtech ecosystem, with an emphasis on technology, claims, fraud detection, distribution, and artificial intelligence. It is noticeable that […]

Are Swiss Insurers Wasting Millions?

Are Swiss insurers wasting millions?

With almost 1 million Swiss people on TikTok and over 70% using social media daily, it’s time to rethink where insurers invest sales and marketing budgets. Insurers often invest in formats for marketing and sales that once attracted the attention of customers. But not anymore. The opportunities in social media marketing are immense! TikTok alone […]

Monday column with Robin Kiera: “Let customers dream instead of tormenting them”

“Dreams instead of leaflets.” This was the motto of the hour at the DKM Conference. Dr. Robin Kiera shares his insights on sales-related issues and gives an illustration of what the business sector may learn from others. Robin Kiera is argumentative and was always ready for exchanges of insights at the DKM Conference, one of […]

3 Lessons of the DKM and Award for 5.5 Top Booths

3 lessons of the DKM and award for 5.5 top booths

DKM Conference is one of the biggest events in Germany – the most comprehensive trade fair for insurance, investment, finance, real estate, and IT. Two days of lectures, panels, workshops and thousands of talks. Dr. Robin Kiera conducted a side-event on “Influencer, #tiktok, and Insurer – A Dream Combination”, with Stefan Riedel, Philipp Martin, Marcel […]

Monday Column with Robin Kiera: How Insurers Solve Recruiting Problems

Monday column with Robin Kiera: How insurers solve recruiting problems

“Robin, we just can’t get people anymore. Should we go into the #metaverse?” A question by one of the top 20 insurers. Dr. Robin’s response? “I bet a good bottle of hamburger gin that an audit of your website, social media presence and recruiting process would show the following:” Overcome recruitment problems and read the […]

Many Insurers in Deep Sleep – But Not All

Insurtech is back! This time with a stronger ecosystem. However, not everyone is making an appearance. It has been impossible to hold a sizable start-up scene meeting for more than two years. When startups and insurers finally met again in London, it was a large trade fair where Dr. Robin Kiera shares three observable trends […]

Dr. Robin Kiera is a Keynote Speaker for Marketing Offensive 2022

Berlin will host the Marketing Offensive once more in 2022. It is the leading sales coach in Europe and serves as a hub for brainstorming among the most brilliant minds in the field. This year, over 2,500 are expected to attend. If we want to stay ahead of the curve, we need to be aware […]

Monday column with Robin Kiera: Which insurer can TikTok?

Monday column with Robin Kiera: Which insurer can TikTok?

Elsewhere, insurers are selling millions on Tiktok. If you’d like that too, take two minutes for Robin Kiera’s Monday column.  The digital expert explains what has to be done and how – from length to cut, content and the all-important algorithm. So much can be revealed: 0.5 seconds is a world at Tiktok.

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