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Four Truths About Sales No Sales Person Likes to Hear – Handelszeitung

Grant Cardone knows what he's talking about. He is the most famous sales trainer in the USA. In contrast to many of his professional colleagues, he has had sales success himself - building five companies with several hundred million dollars in sales and a real estate empire with over 2.4 billion dollars in assets. Most recently he has also been a TV star in the series “Undercover Billionaire” on Discovery.  

Schweiz Spezial – Neue Geschäftsmodelle jenseits der Alpen? –

Versicherungsmanager und Vertriebsfachleute müssen trotz ungeklärter Faktenlage täglich teils schwerwiegende Entscheidungen treffen. Unter welchen Bedingungen geschieht dies und welche Perspektiven werden gesehen? Digitalscouting befragt Branchenvertreter nach ihrer Einschätzung. Die Antworten werden präsentiert in Live-Video-Sendungen auf Linkedin, Twitter und Facebook. In diesem Rahmen sollen im Jahr 2021 neben Interviews mit globalen Internet-Größen wie Gary Vaynerchuk auch regelmäßig Spezialsendungen zu den Versicherungsindustrien einzelner Länder gebracht werden. Den Anfang macht die Onlinesendung „Insurance & Finance Live – Schweiz Spezial“. Moderiert wird sie von Désirée Mettraux, Geschäftsführerin der OCC Assekuradeur GmbH und Kennerin des Schweizer Marktes, und Dr. Robin Kiera, CEO von Digitalscouting. Am 1. April um 16.30 Uhr steht dafür Philipp Marty, Leiter Neue Geschäftsfelder und Partnerschaften der Baloise Schweiz, Rede und Antwort. Er wird über die aktuelle Situation in seinem Land, aber auch spannende Ansätze über die Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsfelder im Bereich „Home“ berichten.  

Insurance Case Study: How I Gained More Than 100,000 Followers on TikTok

It was November 2019 when we decided to take a leap of faith on TikTok and explore this social media app that insurance companies turn a blind eye. One year and five months after, Dr. Robin Kiera (@robin_kiera) now has almost 150K followers, and 3.9M likes, a community of beloved followers, a fashion brand, and a name he can call his own – all of these TikTok gave birth to. Dr. Robin Kiera may be TikTok’s CEO of Diggi, but it didn’t happen overnight. All the milestones we celebrate, small or big, are the product of extensive research and countless trial and errors. The story behind all the numbers and support we now have on TikTok are filled with lessons not bounded by the technicalities of TikTok or any other social media platforms. It is more of the realities as an influencer in the industry who is always on the run for transformation. To share some of the lessons I was talking about, here are some of them:
  1. People are interested in insurance and finance topics
  2. Just do it – and be strong
  3. It’s all about the massive amount of action
  4. High-quality videos matter
  5. Branding is everything
I shared the whole experience with The Digital Insurer. You may read it by clicking the button below.    

New Ways to Sell for Mittelstand with Dr. Robin Kiera – The Digital Mittelstand EP:17

The Mittlestand may have already got the hang of being successful, but we can't deny that they still need to develop and adapt to changes. In the 17th episode of The Digital Mittelstand, Dr. Robin Kiera had a lovely conversation with its host, Can Adiguzel, about the new ways to sell for Mittlestand. To identify the new ones, old school sales methods must first be identified and understood why it would not work for us anymore. Robin shared one very important thing to do instead and even advised business owners to try it out themselves. Robin eventually narrowed down how mittlestand can do better at the later part of the interview with three straightforward and attainable steps worth every decision makers' note to ponder. Many have already taken the leap of faith, and the mittlestand will surely never miss out on this opportunity.

Insurance and Finance Live with Guy Kawasaki Featured on Insurance Innovation Reporter

Next to Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, we heard the wise words and wisdom of our favorite Silicon Valley superstar, Guy Kawasaki, on the Insurance and Finance Live Superstar Series. Also widely known to be one of the original Apple employees who directly work with Steve Jobs during the creation of Macintosh in the 1980s, the three essential lessons that Guy Kawasaki learned from his boss are just the tip of the iceberg of the whole live interview. Whether you are an owner of a startup company looking for tips when pitching, an investor struggling to identify a great product, a person with big dreams who wants to make a dent in this world, or simply someone who wants to see Guy Kawasaki as a venture capitalist, a marketing expert, an author, a podcaster, and a truly incredible individual of his own, this live show hosted by Dr. Robin Kiera is for you.

Dr. Robin Kiera is one of the Top-notch Mentors of The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator

Dr. Robin Kiera is a proud mentor of The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator along with the most respected names of the industry such as Joerg Tobias Hinterthuer, Alexandre Rispal, Benedikt Laudage, Oshri Kaplan, Oshri Kaplan, Dr. Robin Kiera, Florian Graillot, Rob Galbraith, Robin Roberson, Simon Hayes, Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg, Shacher Hefez, Alex Zukerman, Gil Arazi, Brian Hentherington, Arnaud R. Kopp, Daniel Sharon, Prof. Dr. Klime Poposki, Roni Lichtenstein Shany, Ben Shory, Susan Hatten, Cameron Burt, Samy Hazan, John Jackovin, Harold Mahadew, Shlomo Shamay, Michael Byrne, Ido Shomrony, Joan Cuscó, Ericka Krizsan, Emilio Figueroa, Elinor Levinson Gafni, Itamar Farbstein, Lara Halfon, Iris Avrahami, Dikla Wager, Yael Yariv, Yaron Ganot, Florian Schubert, Kristina Franke, Yael Tel-Zur Shitrit, Ofira Eliav, Sivan Peleg Lahar, Ronen Ahuvia, Yael Peer Segal, Nava Weiss, Uzi Baruch, Moshe Shuva, and Danny Maleary. The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator, led by Kobi Bendelak is a company based in Tel Aviv that is focused on helping insurtech startups accelerate in the insurance world.

Dr. Robin Kiera uncovers the trends that could transform the insurance industry in the next 10 years

In an industry like insurance where transformation is accelerating at a rapid pace, it is difficult to see what it will look like after a decade. Not to mention how the pandemic has sped up digitalization. With the rise of new-breed companies that are highly AI-driven, dependent on data, and other advanced technologies, will it bring an end to the traditional insurance business process? What else should we expect after an unprecedented transformation? In a discussion with Sabine VanderLinden and Rob Galbraith, Dr. Robin Kiera answers these questions and shares a trend that will give the insurance industry its “Uber moment” that will surprise us in 10 years.

DIA TOP 100 Insurtechs to Watch in 2021

Each year, Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) releases its handpicked Top 100 InsurTechs to watch based on their strategic impact. The list contains a one-pager laconic description of the featured InsurTechs and why DIA found it note-worthy. Snippets and snapshots of thought leader talks are also added for additional value and inspiration. Learn more about the DIA Top 100 InsurTechs to watch in 2021 through the button below.

Dr. Robin Kiera is a certified MOI Ambassador

Dr. Robin Kiera received a "Certificate of Excellence" from the awesome Magic of Innovation (MOI) Team for his active participation as a speaker in #MOI Insurance Innovation Day. This year, #MOI 2021 has something new. It's the INSURY Talent Pitching & Award 2021 for insurance managers & brokers under 35 years of age. Pitch like a startup and win the INSURY Talent Award. Save the Date! #MOI in Vienna (Palace Eschenbach "Tradition meets Innovation“ with Live Streaming) on 29th & 30th September 2021.  

Dr. Robin Kiera’s Interview with Ben Webster

Get to know Dr. Robin Kiera as he answer five (5) questions in an interview Ben Webster. Ben Webster is Founder of multiple Insurtech companies and Lead of the Insurtech Australia Working Group.

Marketing: vendita di assicurazioni tramite Tiktok? L’esperienza tedesca

In Germania sempre più broker e agenzie stanno aprendo canali su Tiktok. Oltre 14 milioni di persone sono attive sulla piattaforma ogni mese. In media, ogni utente vi trascorre 73 minuti al giorno.  

Live nachgefragt bei Apple-Marketinglegende Guy Kawasaki –

Insurance managers and sales specialists have to make sometimes difficult decisions on a daily basis, despite the fact that the facts are not clear. Under what conditions does this happen and what perspectives are seen? Sometimes it helps to think outside the box to see how other top brands built their business success. Take Apple, for example: The path from the clumsy computer to the lifestyle statement was taken here. Silicon Valley veteran Guy Kawasaki will explain how this works on Monday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m. At the beginning of the 1980s, as a colleague of Steve Jobs, he coined the "Evangelism principle" and the marketing of the Macintosh.  

Dr. Robin Kiera talks about TikTok on Pfefferminzia Podcast, “Die Woche”

Dieses Mal: Digidor-Geschäftsführer Wolfram Lefèvre erklärt, wie Vertriebsmarketing bei der Kundengewinnung und -bindung hilft. Im Rechtstipp geht Stephan Michaelis auf die Spargelfeld-Entscheidung ein. Und Digitalexperte Robin Kiera teilt seine Erfahrungen mit dem Kurz-Video-Portal TikTok.  

“Insurance: the regulators will not save you” by Dr. Robin Kiera on

Gary Vaynerchuk, author, speaker, entrepreneur, internet personality, and chairman of VaynerMedia; and Dr. Frank Grund, Chief Executive Director of Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision, BaFin - two of the most sought-after personalities in their profession have already shared their fair share of thoughts about the role of the regulator in the insurance industry. Watch what they have to say about regulation, incumbents, and innovation in their interviews with Dr. Robin Kiera.  

Dr. Robin Kiera Recognized as one of the Top 10 FinTech Influencers on Twitter by GlobalData

A further analysis of GlobalData’s Fintech Influencer Platform, which tracks more than 200 leading industry experts and their discussions pertaining to the emerging trends, pain areas, new fields of innovation and other popular areas on Twitter, revealed Spiros Margaris, founder of Margaris Ventures, as the top influencer during Q4 2020. Margaris is also a venture capitalist and advisory board member at GENTWO AG. Margaris largely shares updates on fintech, blockchain and AI.

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