Announcing Dr. Robin Kiera’s Participation at Insurtech Insights Europe 2024

Dr. Robin Kiera will speak at Insurtech Insights Europe in London

Are you ready for some groundbreaking insights and knowledge sharing? We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Robin Kiera, our very own thought leader and insurtech expert, will be speaking at this year’s Insurtech Insights Europe 2024! Here are three reasons you shouldn’t miss out: 1️⃣ Renowned Industry Speakers: Gain unique insights from leading experts […]

Top Industry Leaders Survey: Social Media Transforming Insurance

Digitalscouting Top Industry Leaders Survey: Social Media Transforming Insurance

Industry leaders highlight the transformative impact of social media on the insurance sector, emphasizing the importance of digital marketing strategies to engage with evolving consumer expectations. Insights reveal the necessity for insurance companies to adapt to digital landscapes through effective social media use, focusing on building meaningful connections, enhancing brand visibility, and driving growth amidst regulatory considerations. The document underscores the strategic integration of social media as vital for insurance companies aiming to lead in a digitally driven market.

The Rise of Attention Hacking: Social Media Marketing for Insurance Companies

Dr. Robin Kiera in Insurance Monday Podcast

In an era where digital presence is no longer an option, but a requirement, the insurance industry finds itself at a crossroads between traditional marketing strategies and the growing force of digitalization. Dr. Robin Kiera’s insights on the Insurance Monday Podcast, hosted by Herbert F. Jansky, shed light on an ever-changing industry, signifying a new […]

Dr. Robin Kiera Recognized Among Top Digital Experts of 2024

Dr. Robin Kiera Recognized as Top 50 Global Digital Experts & Influencers to Follow in 2024

In a dynamic digital era, we celebrate Dr. Robin Kiera’s recognition by ipfconline as a top influencer in ‘Top 50 Global Digital Experts and Influencers to Follow in 2024.’ This honor reflects the collective brilliance in digital strategy and technology. Join us in acknowledging this milestone and the minds shaping our digital future.

Celebrating Recognition by Deutsche Startups: Digitalscouting’s Acquisition of Finletter

Celebrating Recognition by Deutsche Startups: Digitalscouting’s Acquisition of Finletter

Our venture with Finletter, one of Germany’s premier fintech blogs and newsletters was recently highlighted by Deutsche Startups, an authority in the startup ecosystem, a recognition we sincerely appreciate. A New Chapter BeginsIn partnership with the visionary Dr. Robin Kiera and the dynamic team of Caro Beese, Clas Beese, and Dr. Katja Kiera, we’re embarking […]

Insuretech Connect 2023: Revolutionizing the Insurance Landscape – Insights and Highlights

5 top insights from the world's largest insurance trade fair

The Insuretech Connect 2023 event in Las Vegas brought together the brightest minds in the insurance technology industry, highlighting significant strides in artificial intelligence, efficiency in claims processing, and the evolving role of service providers. Digitalscouting’s Dr. Robin Kiera shares firsthand insights from the world’s largest insurance tech event. Insight 1: The Rise of AI […]

Highlighting Outstanding Stands at DKM 2023

The top 15 stands at this year's DKM

The recently concluded DKM 2023 made a notable impact in the insurance industry landscape. The event was a grand showcase of industry players’ innovation, camaraderie, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. The competitive yet friendly atmosphere surrounding the exhibition stands was one of the highlights. Dr. Robin Kiera also revealed his unofficial ranking, which named VHV […]

Go viral with these top 4 digital tools for insurance professionals.

With these four tools, insurers and brokers can go viral

In the digital world, insurance professionals are always trying to get noticed and get people to interact with them. To stand out, you need to use powerful tools to improve your online presence. A digital expert, Dr. Robin Kiera, shows off four tools that will change the game in this area. Canva – democratising graphic […]

Social Media: Zu mächtig, um ignoriert zu werden

Social Media: Too Powerful to Be Ignored by Dr. Robin Kiera

In the digital age, social media is more than just a platform for casual interactions; it is a force driving business dynamics. Dr. Robin Kiera explores this notion in his insightful article “Social Media: Too Powerful to Be Ignored” (Social Media: Zu mächtig, um ignoriert zu werden) on The essence of his insights is […]

Wefox Raises $110 Million in Series D Funding Led by Barclays and JP Morgan

Insurtech firm wefox has successfully expanded its Series D funding round, raising an impressive $110 million. What makes this news even more significant is the involvement of renowned financial institutions Barclays and JP Morgan. The details of this deal, along with wefox’s plans, profitability goals, and the role of other insurers and brokers in their […]

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