Friday, August 19, 2022


Dr. Robin Kiera at SaugaTalks: Shorten B2B Sales Cycle with Authentic Content & Industry Knowledge

This is an interview you won’t want to miss! Dr. Robin Kiera provides easy-to-digest advice on how to sell B2B in 2021. Watch the insightful conversation with Saugatuck Worldwide founder and principal, Irene Lyakovetsky, on SaugaTalks. What differentiates you from others to make customers stick with you? “The key is the people. It has nothing to do with age, gender, ethnical background. It has to do with mindset.” – Dr. Robin Kiera  

Dr. Robin Kiera and Digitalscouting are Recognized by NodeXL

A vast amount of information is not new to the insurance and finance industry. It is probably one of the reasons why people from these business sectors also love Twitter - the information we can gather here is just never-ending. Twitter also opens more doors to build social networks as we stay in tune with real-time and trending topics. In a graph initiated by NodeXL, a network of 5,693 Twitter users whose tweets contained #marketing was represented. It was laid out using Harel-Koren Fast Multiscale layout algorithm. The graph revealed Dr. Robin Kiera (@stratorob) as one of the Top Influencers (Top 10 Vertices, Ranked by Betweenness Centrality). Digitalscouting also landed as one of the top domains in tweets based on the graph. Way to go, Digitalscouting Team and Dr. Robin Kiera! To know more about the graph metrics and the full report, click the button below.

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