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Dr. Robin Kiera’s Interview with Ben Webster

Get to know Dr. Robin Kiera as he answer five (5) questions in an interview Ben Webster. Ben Webster is Founder of multiple Insurtech companies and Lead of the Insurtech Australia Working Group.

Marketing: vendita di assicurazioni tramite Tiktok? L’esperienza tedesca

In Germania sempre più broker e agenzie stanno aprendo canali su Tiktok. Oltre 14 milioni di persone sono attive sulla piattaforma ogni mese. In media, ogni utente vi trascorre 73 minuti al giorno.  

Live nachgefragt bei Apple-Marketinglegende Guy Kawasaki –

Insurance managers and sales specialists have to make sometimes difficult decisions on a daily basis, despite the fact that the facts are not clear. Under what conditions does this happen and what perspectives are seen? Sometimes it helps to think outside the box to see how other top brands built their business success. Take Apple, for example: The path from the clumsy computer to the lifestyle statement was taken here. Silicon Valley veteran Guy Kawasaki will explain how this works on Monday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m. At the beginning of the 1980s, as a colleague of Steve Jobs, he coined the "Evangelism principle" and the marketing of the Macintosh.  

Dr. Robin Kiera talks about TikTok on Pfefferminzia Podcast, “Die Woche”

Dieses Mal: Digidor-Geschäftsführer Wolfram Lefèvre erklärt, wie Vertriebsmarketing bei der Kundengewinnung und -bindung hilft. Im Rechtstipp geht Stephan Michaelis auf die Spargelfeld-Entscheidung ein. Und Digitalexperte Robin Kiera teilt seine Erfahrungen mit dem Kurz-Video-Portal TikTok.  

“Insurance: the regulators will not save you” by Dr. Robin Kiera on

Gary Vaynerchuk, author, speaker, entrepreneur, internet personality, and chairman of VaynerMedia; and Dr. Frank Grund, Chief Executive Director of Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision, BaFin - two of the most sought-after personalities in their profession have already shared their fair share of thoughts about the role of the regulator in the insurance industry. Watch what they have to say about regulation, incumbents, and innovation in their interviews with Dr. Robin Kiera.  

Dr. Robin Kiera Recognized as one of the Top 10 FinTech Influencers on Twitter by GlobalData

A further analysis of GlobalData’s Fintech Influencer Platform, which tracks more than 200 leading industry experts and their discussions pertaining to the emerging trends, pain areas, new fields of innovation and other popular areas on Twitter, revealed Spiros Margaris, founder of Margaris Ventures, as the top influencer during Q4 2020. Margaris is also a venture capitalist and advisory board member at GENTWO AG. Margaris largely shares updates on fintech, blockchain and AI.

Check out the complete list here

“Wir feiern keine Vertriebserfolge – das ist unser Job” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Versicherungsmanager und Vertriebsfachleute müssen trotz ungeklärter Faktenlage täglich teils schwerwiegende Entscheidungen treffen. Unter welchen Bedingungen geschieht dies und welche Perspektiven werden gesehen? Digitalscouting befragt hierzu zwei US-amerikanische Vertriebsexperten, die in der vergangenen Zeit für Furore gesorgt haben. „Ich wünschte mir eine Versicherung, die ich in 30 Sekunden verstehe.” Das sagte Gary Vaynerchuk, Star-Investor, Unternehmer, Marketing- und Social-Media-Legende, am 11. Januar im Live-Gespräch mit Digitalscouting. Over 18,000 people have watched the program so far. In front of many decision-makers and insurance board members , the CEO of the rapidly growing marketing agency Vaynermedia and Internetstar described a rather traditional career as an insurance customer with millions of followers.  

The CEO of Diggi, Dr. Robin Kiera, on digital.dean About Reaching a Million Audience on TikTok

TikTok revolutionized the social media world with its short-form videos that give rise to content creators in all sorts of category from educational, comical, drama and almost anything you can imagine. Its skyrocket popularity and a large number of reach speak for a more crucial purpose other than entertainment. In this episode of digital.dean podcast, our very own Dr. Robin Kiera, with more than 100,000 followers and over 2.5 million likes, speaks about the potential TikTok holds. With the host, Dominik Badarne, he gives valuable insights into why we should be there right now.  

Dr. Robin Kiera Recognized as one of the Top 200 Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021

We are very proud to share with you that Dr. Robin Kiera was included on peopleHum’s 200 Most Influential Thought Leaders to follow in 2021. peopleHum has always been an advocate of providing the best employee experience through its integrated human capital management platform. Thank you, peopleHum! We are with you in spreading the rich knowledge of what the future holds in the modern workplace.

See the rest of the list here.

Dr. Robin Kiera mentioned in the #50INSURTECH ONLINE INFLUENCER LIST by InsurTech News

We are proud to share Dr. Robin Kiera's inclusion in the #50insurtech Online Influencer list made by InsurTech News. This recognition was made possible with the community's heartwarming support and unity to support the good in the insurance industry.

Click the button below to see the full list.

Über Tiktok können auch Versicherungen verkauft werden – Dr. Robin Kiera

Auf der Plattform kann nicht nur in kurzer Zeit eine sehr große Menge an Followern erzielt werden, sondern auch eine treue und interessierte Community. Diese Erfahrung hat der Branchen- und Digitalexperte Dr. Robin Kiera mit seinem eigenen Tiktok-Auftritt gemacht. In seinem Gastbeitrag berichtet er, wie er die Beratungs- und Kaufbereitschaft der Nutzer erprobt hat, und gibt fünf Tipps für den Einstieg von Versicherern und Vermittlern.  

How to Start Selling on TikTok?

Dr. Robin Kiera, one of the most sought-after thought leaders and influencers in Insurance and Finance, shares his journey of successfully hacking TikTok from recognizing its potential and being called the "CEO of Diggi" to starting a brand out of the community of followers and being sold-out not too long after its launch. Read the full article below.

Dr. Robin Kiera Mentioned as one of the “Leading Insurance World Mentors and Accelerators”


Insurtech Israel, Ayalon Insurance company and Brokertech Venture , together with an international coalition of leading parties in the global insurance industry, is forming an International Insurtech Accelerator.

Among the leading mentors in the insurance world who have enlisted in Ayalon’s accelerator are Dr. Benedict Laudag, Allianz‘s VP of Data in Germany, Yorg–Tobias Intratoir – Head of Smart Home Laboratory at Zurich Insurance, Alexander Rispel – Assurly‘s General Manager, Oshri Kaplan – Investment Manager at Munich Re Ventures and Dr. Robin Kiera, Senior Director at

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With the dawn of digitization, arrival of “new normal”, growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks and upcoming FIFA 2022, Qatar is committed towards building a secure Cyber Ecosystem and building capabilities to cope with exponential changes Cybersecurity-related risk is rated as the second-highest source of risk for the enterprises, following regulatory compliance risk and by 2024, 60% of CISOs will establish critical partnerships with key executives in sales, finance, and marketing, up from less than 20% today. The CyberX Qatar is one of its kind of the Virtual Event immersive experience, wherein we leverage the use of virtual technology to deliver exclusive gathering for Cybersecurity professionals. Join us for the 2-day dialogue with reformative panel discussions, keynote presentations, fire-side chats, spotlight tracks to discuss the current initiatives and future trends which are affecting the organizations & business effectiveness.

Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of Future AI Summit

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been labelled as part of the fourth industrial revolution, with industries in Australia seeing a surge in investment in AI technologies. Investment in AI capabilities in Australia is projected to grow to AU$1.98 billion (US$1.42 billion) by 2025, that’s a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent per annum from 2016’s AU$333 million (US$239 million) figure. AI will drive enormous budget savings in Government Administration, National Security, Healthcare, Education, Financial Markets and services, Mining, Infrastructure and Logistics. This growth in the emergent technology comes with its own sets of risks – from an immature legal framework to limited knowledge, buy-in, implementation and execution of the technology. Certainly, companies that invest in skills development and technical competence of AI will benefit, and those that don’t run the risk of falling victim to it. With this in mind, Future AI Summit Australia 2021 brings Government agencies and industry leaders to advance discussions and share key learnings in advancing their AI journey to gain a competitive advantage and adapt to a world driven by AI.

Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of #MOI2021 Digital Insurance Innovation Day

Why should you join us? To see the latest trends from the insurance industry and become an Insider. Are you working in a future-oriented company? Do you want to learn more about the future of insurance? Do you like Insurance? If you answered the 3 questions with YES, you are definitely suitable for our DIGITAL Innovation Day. Szücs Gergely will lead us throughout the day. We have developed an amazing digital event concept for you.  

Dr. Robin Kiera is a certified MOI Ambassador

Dr. Robin Kiera received a "Certificate of Excellence" from the awesome Magic of Innovation (MOI) Team for his active participation as a speaker in #MOI Insurance Innovation Day. This year, #MOI 2021 has something new. It's the INSURY Talent Pitching & Award 2021 for insurance managers & brokers under 35 years of age. Pitch like a startup and win the INSURY Talent Award. Save the Date! #MOI in Vienna (Palace Eschenbach "Tradition meets Innovation“ with Live Streaming) on 29th & 30th September 2021.  

Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of Finnovex Southern Africa

This conference would serve as a platform for the discourse on the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organisations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift within the Banking and Finance sector in the Southern African Region. Currently, the Southern African banking sector is becoming more strategically focused and technologically advanced as it applies to responding to customer expectations. The post pandemic era with its restricted movements and the need for touchless services has certainly sparked the motivation for the utilization of digital services in all aspects of our everyday live and so is the case for the financial sector as well. Banking services and Financial Institutions will need to act fast to create a robust framework, to survive in the post COVID-19 era. Keeping in mind the evolving landscape of banking industry in Southern African, Exibex –the team behind Finnovex Global Series is proud to present Finnovex Southern Africa Virtual Summit 2021 The Leading Summit on Financial Services Innovation and Excellence. The event will be held to discuss the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organizations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift in this sector.