Attention is Changing

The shift of people’s attention to social media is so apparent. According to Statista, an average person spends 145 minutes every day on social media. It has gone up to a 61% increase from 2012. Not surprisingly, Facebook and TikTok got the highest spots of social media platforms where people spend the most time. What […]

Welcome to TikTok World

Are you one of many TikTok users who can’t seem to stop scrolling on the app once they opened it? A minute ago, you thought to yourself, “Let me rest and watch TikTok videos for a bit.” But just like that, you already spent 30 minutes swiping up from one video to another, succumbing to […]

Introducing “TikTok Stories”

TikTok Story

TikTok jumps in the social media app trend of adding stories with the pilot testing of a new feature called, “TikTok Stories”. It was first discovered by a guy named Matt Navarra who posted about it on Twitter and was later confirmed by TikTok. This is another move to innovate and present new creative ways […]

TikTok’s New Keyboard Shortcuts

TikTok is innovating even in the smallest details. Have you tried TikTok’s new keyboard shortcuts? TikTok made it easier to explore the latest videos on our laptop or computer. Player controls displayed at the bottom-right of the screen help the users navigate. No need to grab the mouse or struggle with the cursor. New Keyboard […]

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