Friday, December 9, 2022
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Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of insureNXT 2022

Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of insureNXT 2022 Top speakers for insurance innovation, insurers, startups, and cross-industry partners are attending insureNXT 2022 on May 18 - 19 2022 in Congress Center North, Cologne, Germany.

This year's topics: Customer Centricity, New Technologies and Skills, and New Ecosystems. Expect over 150 panel discussions on service innovations, metaverse, New Work and Digital Health on this much-awaited international congress trade fair. 

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Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of the 2nd Annual Digital Identity & Digital Onboarding for Banking

Avlante Group is happy to announce second webinar on Digital Identity and Digital Onboarding for Banking industry on 9th December 2021. Nowadays, customers have evolved and put banks and financial institutes at high standard and expect premium digital experiences in return or in other words Omni channel presence. This builds a lot of pressure on banks to come up with a client onboarding process that can deliver their customers with rich experience. In this webinar, we are going to discuss how client onboarding is evolving, what are the challenges associated with it, and what’s its future. Our Focus will be on : i. What impact has Covid-19 on digital onboarding processes? ii. A scrutiny on latest developments in ID verification processes iii. COVID-19 acting as a booster for digitalization iv. A focus on digital transformation of KYC v. Challenges of remote working and Client Onboarding vi. Penetrating the whole process with digitalization while staying compliant  

“Brand name is no longer the main driver in sales” – Walter Capellmann, CEO DELA German Branch

"Due to the digital transformation, the brand name of an insurance company is no longer the main driver in sales, but above all its speed, service orientation and user-friendliness" - Walter Capellmann, CEO German Branch DELA

What to do with legacy systems and old customer portfolios?

the future of a lot of companies in the insurance industry is being largely decided by how decision-makers find efficient and effective answers to these non-trivial challenges.

How to Win an Insurance Customer | Panel @ Insurtech Insights Hong Kong

I had an interesting discussion with Neil Gardner of Chief Customer Officer Asia of Generalli and Arthur Lee CEO of One Degree HK not only about the customer trends and how insurance, but agents and brokers are also reacting to serve them.

APIs in Insurance – Good or Bad?

Our aim is to establish a uniform interface standard for efficient and secure data transfer in the insurance sector - Sebastian Langrehr, Friendsurance