Social Media is Badass Sales

Facebook and Instagram have Marketplace and there’s TikTok for business. From being a means of communication, social media has evolved as a form of entertainment. A few more years after, selling in social media is now a thing. Now, it has a business world of its own – a “hardcore sales” as Dr. Robin Kiera […]

How CEOs Should View and Approve Social Media Strategies

Let’s face it. Social media has become a necessity for businesses and this includes CEOs and decision-makers. It’s no longer an option. Funny, because 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs still aren’t on social media and 32% have at least a single social media account. On a lighter note, younger CEOs are more to social media […]

Social media is no longer new territory- for ten years

“If, for example, our customers spent 25 percent of their waking, freely available time on social media, we would have to invest 25 percent of our marketing budget and sales time on these channels.” This might sound like a bold and risky move especially for companies who had not touched their social media channels for […]

The Follow-Unfollow Scheme

Notice how your followership is fluctuating. Could you might be a victim of the dreaded “follow unfollow” scheme. I understand this is a popular growth method especially on Instagram – and it works! However, should we just shrug it off or call out this self-focused scheme? How does it work? An influencer’s account follows you, […]

Our Take on Facebook Rebranding to Meta

Facebook rebranding to Meta

The future of the internet is metaverse After the recent announcement of Facebook about its major rebranding to Meta during the Facebook Connect Conference, it is clear that Mark Zuckerberg believes that metaverse is the future of the internet. After about 17 years since its founding, Facebook and the other apps and services it acquired […]

Dr. Robin Kiera is one of NodeXL’s Top Influencers

Thanks to social media – distance is just a number, opportunities are just a few clicks, and with just a few swipes, numerous data and information are in front of you. The insurance industry is making good use of social media in spreading awareness in insurance, and most importantly, being present in the day-to-day life […]

Breaking Billions – Insurtech on the Rise

Breaking Billions – Insurtech on the Rise.  An Analysis of funding in Europe and 6 interesting insurtech by Florian Graillot ( and Dr. Robin Kiera ( InsurTech is an enormous industry whose global market size is projected to reach US$ 11940 million by 2027. Ever since the first insurtech startups tested the waters in 2010, […]

Why Insurance Agents Should Go Digital

To stay relevant in a fast-paced, tech-savvy world, insurers should go digital. Lemonade and Next Insurance are just some of the digital insurance providers paving the way. AXA, on the other hand, is one of the most active, investing in 19 insurtechs in 2020 to boost digital capabilities. In light of the pandemic and its […]

InsurTech Trends We’re Seeing in the Near and Long Future

As we look ahead in the future, it is nice to remember the pandemic’s most important lesson: tomorrow is always unpredictable. Even at this moment, we don’t know which direction will the insurtech industry swing by. What’s certain is that we should be ready for another wave of disruption that will define the future of […]

Introducing “TikTok Stories”

TikTok Story

TikTok jumps in the social media app trend of adding stories with the pilot testing of a new feature called, “TikTok Stories”. It was first discovered by a guy named Matt Navarra who posted about it on Twitter and was later confirmed by TikTok. This is another move to innovate and present new creative ways […]

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